Haunted Pic

This haunted pic was auctioned off on eBay. The images and story about the haunted pic are from the auction page. This picture was claimed to vibrate on the wall. And if that weren't enough for you, a cat chatters or "talks" to the item:


Original eBay Listing for the Haunted Pic That Vibrates:

"On a trip to Louisiana recently, to visit a dear friend -I purchased this painting and an animal from the estate of one of the hurricane victims. The house and items were largely destroyed due to water and climate, the painting was spared since it was hung in the second story. Since placing it in my home, I have been beset with a constant stream of strange and bizarre events. The painting seems to move on the wall, I notice that it appears to vibrate and feels strangely warm to the touch.

I have recognized that color of the people in the painting seemed to have changed since I purchased it, to a lighter skin color -though no other part of the painting has changed. When I walk by the painting at night, my hair stands up and I feel a presence that I cannot explain. The most disturbing part of the story is that the cat-animal, 'orion' come to the painting and 'talks' to it every night around 9pm. I find this very disturbing, it sounds very childlike, crying and moaning words. I have tried putting the painting in the closet, to which the animal becomes upset and cries more. I am resolved to sell this painting and end the bad luck and feelings that I have towards the whole situation. The painting is approximately 24 x 30 inches, several small chips around the edge of the frame."