eBay Haunted Painting

In the year 2000, the haunted painting debuted on eBay. The publicity was so strong that it quickly became famous, as people reported feeling strange after viewing the haunted painting.  The haunted painting was painted in 1972 by Bill Stoneham and is entitled, "Hands Resist Him." It sold for $1025.00.

Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Painting:

"When we received this painting, we thought it was really good art. A " picker " had found it abandoned behind an old brewery. At the time we wondered a little why a seemingly perfectly fine painting would be discarded like that. ( today we don't !!! ) One morning our 4 and 1/2 year old daughter claimed that the children in the picture were fighting and coming into the room during the night. Now, I don't believe in UFOs or Elvis being alive, but my husband was alarmed. To my amusement he set up a motion triggered camera for the nights. After three nights there were pictures. The last two pictures shown are from that 'stakeout'. After seeing the boy seemingly exiting the painting under threat, we decided the painting has to go.

Please judge for yourself. --- before you do, please read the following warning and disclaimer. ----warning: Do not bid on this painting if you are susceptible to stress related disease, faint of heart or are unfamiliar with supernatural events. By bidding on this painting, you agree to release the owners of all liability in relation to the sale or any events happening after the sale, that might be contributed to this painting. This painting may or may not possess supernatural powers that could impact or change your life. However, by bidding you agree to exclusively bid on the value of the artwork with disregard to the last two photos featured in this auction and hold the owners harmless in regard to them and their impact, expressed or implied.------------ Now that we got this out of the way, one question to you e-bayers: We want our house to be blessed after the painting is gone - does anybody know who is qualified to do that? The size of the painting is 24 by 36 inches, so it is rather large. As I have had several questions, here are the following answers. There was no odor left behind in the room. There were no voices, or the smell of gunpowder, no foot prints or strange fluids on the wall. To deter questions in this direction, there are no ghosts in this world, no supernatural powers, this is just a painting, and most of these things have an explanation, in this case probably a fluke light effect. I encourage you to bid on the artwork and consider the last two photographs as pure entertainment, and please do not take them into consideration when bidding. As we think it is a good idea to bless any house, we still welcome input into that procedure."

Second Posting Before the Auction Ended from the Seller:
"This auction is nearing the end. I want to thank the more than 13,000 people that took the time to look at this image on Ebay. I appreciate the more than 30 suggestions that I received regarding blessing the house, exorcising and cleansing. 7 e-mails reported strange or irregular events taking place when viewing this image. And I will relay two suggestions made by the senders. First, not to use this image as the background on the screen, and second not to display this image around juveniles or children. Last not least, thanks for appreciating the art as well."