Haunted Lighthouses

Haunted lighthouses dot the coastlines of the United States and abroad. Learn about the haunted history of some U.S. shore lights!

Haunted LighthousesLegends of haunted lighthouses have circulated for hundreds if not thousands of years. We have begun collecting some of the most noted stories of notable lighthouses many believe to be haunted across the United States. Each haunted lighthouse has its own page with a unique story and photo.

Top 5 Most Haunted Lighthouses
The following is a list of what many believe to be the top five lighthouses with the most evidence of haunting within the United States:

• Point Lookout Lighthouse, Maryland
• St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida
• Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon
• Seguin Island Lighthouse, Maine
• Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, Michigan

History of Haunted Lighthouses
Old Lighthouse to ExploreLighthouses decorate our seashores and quietly have existed for centuries. Many haunted lighthouses have seen multiple lifetimes of sea-faring history. Much of that history is good, such as saving the lives of sailors through aid of the lighthouses' beacons. Other lighthouse history is tragic, such as when ships were not able to find the life-saving lamps only to be found broken up on rocks, unaware of their impending doom.

Lighthouses are typically a tower or tall building that emits light from lamps amplified by reflectors. They mark hazardous coastlines, shoals and direct ships unto safe passage into harbors. Early lighthouses used fire as the torch or lamp, by burning candles or oil. The earliest known lighthouse was built in 280 BC in Alexandria, and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

How Can Lighthouses Be Haunted?
Lighthouses can be haunted due to the tragedies of ships, horrible pirate attacks from both land and sea, and other hardships keepers and their families endured. The life of a lighthouse keeper and the importance of their task created an environment of dangerous duty and prolonged isolation from civilization for weeks or maybe months. Many people believe the lighthouses are haunted primarily by former keepers in many of the cases. Stories of lighthouse keepers and their families drowning, falling and failing during rescue attempts illustrate tragically how lighthouses and their grounds may at times become haunted. Some of what these brave souls witnessed and suffered most likely haunted them personally for their lifetimes.

Haunted LighthousesMore About Haunted Beacons
Lighthouses tend to be located in isolated areas, and as such, sort of lend themselves to appearing haunted - whether they are or not. Just being on-site, allows the imagination to take over regarding storms, pirates, old sailing vessels, and more! Of the most haunted, many believe the Point Lookout Lighthouse built in 1830 on Chesapeake Bay to be the most active. It was built in close proximity to what would become a Civil War prison camp which housed up to 20,000 soldiers, many of whom died there. Reports of ghosts appearing in Civil War dress are widely reported at this old lighthouse.

In 1939, the US Lighthouse Service was replaced by the US Coastguard, with most civilian lighthouse keeper's jobs coming to an end. Today, almost all lighthouses are automated, but the Guardsmen who maintain them all seem to have stories of haunting and ghosts. Legends and lore have been passed down by not only Coast Guardsmen but by mariners and former lighthouse keepers' descendents.

Today, many of the haunted lighthouses offer tours where one can learn of the history as well as help fund the upkeep of such historical monuments. The monies earned by tours and events help to fund marine education and of course the preservation of our rich lighthouse history.

Lighthouse Haunting Phenomenon
Today, ghost investigators are witnessing lots of paranormal activity in lighthouses such as orbs, apparitions and moving dark shadows, disembodied footsteps and ghost voices from those unseen. Look for ghost interaction within the stairwells and rooms of haunted lighthouses. With many of the reported haunting, it seems the lighthouse keepers (or their family members) themselves are often the primary ghosts residing within them!

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