Haunted Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

The haunted Seul Choix Point Lighthouse was built in 1892, but the tower had to rebuilt, so the lighthouse was officially completed in 1895. Seul Choix (Sis-Shwa) means "only choice" and marks a small harbor on Lake Michigan. French fur traders gave the name used for the lighthouse, as the area was the "only choice" for safety if boats were headed to the Straits of Mackinac. Today, only the haunted lighthouse is active in area that was once a bustling fishing community.

All of the original buildings stand today, including explosives storehouses, a fog signal building, and the two-family, red brick, keeper's house attached to the lighthouse tower. Still operational today, the haunted Seul Choix Point Lighthouse was automated by the US Coast Guard in the 1970's, and the site now houses a museum which is open from Memorial Day to mid-October, seven days a week.

The Haunting Activity at the Lighthouse
Visitors to the lighthouse have experienced some haunted happenings, such as items being moved, and the sound of footsteps climbing the tower stairs, as if a lighthouse keeper is still on duty. But more than a lighthouse keeper is thought to haunt the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse!

A former lighthouse keeper's brother used to visit Seul Choix Point and was captain of a ship. Captain James Townshend fell ill suddenly during one of his visits with his brother Joseph, and eventually died at the keeper's house. His body was embalmed in the house basement, and put on display for quite some time until family and friends could make their journey to the isolated Seul Choix Point and pay their final respects.

Since that time, many a visitor has experienced the smell of what is presumably the Captain's cigars, as well as his humor. Tour guides say he likes to turn the hat backwards on the mannequin dressed as a lighthouse keeper, and hide some cigars in the pockets of the jacket, from time to time.

Does the good Captain Townshend spend his days and nights at the lighthouse at Seul Choix Point? Could his brother be the keeper who is still on duty at the haunted lighthouse? You decide...