Haunted Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point LighthouseThe haunted Battery Point Lighthouse (formerly known as the Crescent City Light Station) is a unique lighthouse, due to it being situated on Battery Point Island. It only sits on an island during high tide, otherwise, it can be accessed from the mainland at Crescent City, California as a peninsula!

Being built in 1856, this northern California lighthouse decorates the Pacific Ocean as a two story white, granite stone house with a white brick lighthouse tower atop. Today, it can be visited, as it is a museum and remains operational as an aiding light for navigation, though it was decommissioned by the US Coast Guard in 1965. Being fully automated, the haunted Battery Point Lighthouse has had its share of stories!

A year before it was to be deactivated, the lighthouse keepers witnessed an unfortunate tragedy. A tsunami occurred in 1964, creating huge tidal waves that destroyed seven city blocks of Crescent City. The keepers were eyewitnesses to the destruction, being threatened themselves by the largest of waves from the ocean.

The lighthouse is haunted at Battery Point, but no one seems to know exactly by whom and why. There is believed to be at least one resident ghost which is playful. A paranormal research group that investigated the Battery Point Lighthouse believes it is haunted not by one playful ghost, but by three: a child and two adult spectres!

Some of the haunting activity being reported occurs when visitors are given a tour. Some guests have experienced being touched on their shoulders, and sensing a presence. Caretakers report having their slippers moved at night while asleep, a rocking chair moving back and forth on its own, and sea boots trudging up the haunted lighthouse stairway, as if still on duty; especially during times of storms! Even cats at this lighthouse have acted strangely during times of ghostly activity.

For more information on the haunted Battery Point Lighthouse, we suggest visiting their site: http://www.delnortehistory.org/lighthouse