Haunted White River Light Station

The haunted lighthouse on the White Lake channel of Lake Michigan is known as the White River Light Station. Built in 1875, the first lightkeeper Captain William Robinson took his post in 1876, and raised eleven children with the help of his wife, Sara, at the White River Light Station. In fact, they loved the lighthouse and duty so much that they stayed there for 47 years, and upon retirement saw their son become their successor. Yet, the Captain refused to leave the lighthouse and worked at the White River Light Station unto his 80's. At age 87, he eventually died the night before he was to leave the premises for good.

Today, the haunted lighthouse is believed to be watched over still by the Captain and Sara. His ever distinctive cane and gait can sometimes be heard walking around the light station, while Sara makes her presence known by tidying things up from time to time!

The haunted White River Light Station was officially decommissioned by the US Coast Guard in 1960, and re-opened as a museum in 1970. Visitors are welcome summer and fall, and their website can be visited here: http://www.whiteriverlightstation.org/