Haunted New London Ledge Light

The New London Ledge Light haunted lighthouse was built in 1909 in New London Harbor, Connecticut . Being one of the last lighthouses built in New England, the New London Ledge Light is a unique three-story, red brick building which stands alone at the eastern end of the Long Island Sound. It was built to be elegant by standing in water in front of some very large homes on the nearby shoreline. Sitting quietly atop a concrete pier, this lighthouse simply looks the part of being haunted, being strangely mysterious.

The New London Ledge Light does have a tragic story and a haunted history. Purportedly, the ghost of a former light keeper named "Ernie" jumped off of the roof of the lighthouse after his wife ran off with the Block Island Ferry captain. It is believed that Ernie still haunts the lighthouse, and stories from former US Coast Guardsmen who formerly resided there may be the proof. Many have reported having the sheets ripped off of their bed, doors opening and closing on their own, televisions turning off, the foghorn being turned off and on, as well as boats being untied and left adrift. Some claim to have seen Ernie washing the lighthouse decks!

The New London Ledge Light was investigated in 2005 by TV's Scariest Places On Earth and in 2006 by SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters (now SyFy). The light is automated and maintained by the USCG, but restoration is under way on the building as of this writing. Also, plans are in the works to create a museum - bed and breakfast that can be opened to the public.