Haunted Seguin Island Lighthouse

The Seguin Island Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington in 1795 and is located off the southern coast of Georgetown, Maine. Seguin Island is just two miles off the mouth of the Kennebec River. The haunted Seguin Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1819, replacing its original wooden tower with stone; and in 1857 it again was reconstructed with cut stone and the addition of a brick light keeper's quarters.

The rocky and ledged area has long been hazardous to ships, and the stories of maritime mishaps abound, including the sighting of a 135 foot sea serpent in 1875!

The Seguin Island Lightkeepers Behind the Haunting
Among the long list of lighthouse keepers at Seguin Island is the tragic story of a mid-1800's man and wife. Being isolated and lonely, the wife of the keeper received the gift of a piano he had shipped to the home. As she was only able to play but one song, over and over, it is believed it eventually drove him into a mad rage in which he took an axe to the piano, the wife and himself! Piano music is said to be heard over the waters today. But haunting melodies are not the only ghostly sounds that have been heard at the haunted light.

Sightings of a Ghost Girl on Seguin Island Near the Lighthouse
Apparently, a young girl died on the island and is buried not far from the lighthouse grounds. Keepers have reported seeing the ghost of the girl running up and down the stairs, laughing and waving at them! The tower, foghorn building and keeper's quarters seem to have the most haunted activity, and the US Coast Guard who stayed there has had plenty of stories to tell. Various ghostly sounds, sights as well as furniture being moved, jackets falling off of hooks and missing items have all been reported.

Probably the most prolific of haunted Seguin Island Lighthouse tales is when the Coast Guard was decommissioning the light and packing up items in 1985. The Warrant Officer was awakened that very night after packing, to the apparition of a man dressed in oil skins shaking his bed. It seems the ghost had a message when he purportedly said, "Don't take the furniture. Please, leave my home alone!" The next day, the boat that was carrying the furniture to the mainland sunk when an accident happened while lowering the loaded boat into the water. Was this ghost a former light keeper?

The list of lighthouse keepers is long, and due to its rich history and tragic stories, it is no wonder the lighthouse is haunted. In 1989, the Seguin Island Lighthouse was renovated and opened to visitors in 1990. In 1993, a museum opened on-site, as well. Today, tours are available of the museum and lighthouse during the summer season.

You can visit them on-line at Friends of Seguin Island.