How Can Objects Be Haunted?

How Can Objects Be Haunted?After collecting pages and pages of information about buildings, ships, dolls, paintings and anything else you might imagine that could attributed to being haunted, it was only natural that we wonder what could possibly be happening, behind the scenes, to such a different array of objects and places. How could all of these things have ghost activity associated with it? Can a spirit attach itself to a location or object and "haunt" it? Can a doll really be haunted? Can a painting be haunted by its original creator? But even after studying the stories, info and pictures of the supposed haunted subject matter, we are still left with questions.

Examples of Haunted Objects
In the year 2000, a strange piece of art entitled, "Haunted Painting" appeared on eBay. Since that time, many have been selling haunted items such as dolls, games, pendants, and just about anything, claiming them to be haunted. But this is not new; accounts of places and things being haunted have occurred since before even biblical times. Every culture in the world carries stories about objects being haunted, though they often disagree as to whether they are just figments of imagination or a part of reality. And don't forget about the hucksters out there who prey on wishful buyers.

Haunted ObjectsThe basis of something being haunted is usually speculated to be due to a tragedy that occurred in either a place (in the case of haunted houses) or association with an object, such as a doll. Objects are also sometimes claimed to be haunted due to an attachment the ghost had to an item when formerly in his or her physical possession; or due to an item having been created or used for evil or unique purposes (such as a weapon, ring, pendant, charm or voodoo doll, for examples).

Is Our Reality an Illusion?
The question remains, "How can something be haunted?" Can an inanimate object take on the life-force (which is spirit) and perform a special paranormal trick, function, or even an evil deed? We will leave you with this deep thought: Could everything made of matter exist within spirit energy, whether alive or not? Is anything truly "inanimate?" And if spirit is present everywhere, can it be the source of energy behind all that exists, having the ability to even make inanimate stones cry out as claimed by Jesus in the Bible? If so, then just maybe things can be haunted.

How Can Objects Be Haunted?Powerful Thought Forms, Perhaps?
One other idea exists behind haunted objects and that would be Tibetan practices that teach using the power of the mind to create powerful, thought forms of people and magical creations. These mental creations are known as "tulpas." Some believe tulpas to be hallucinations while those who have witnessed them say they are very real. If we can create "spirits" or "thought-forms" that do our bidding, using the power of our mind, then possibly, some haunted objects may have paranormal activity associated with them due to past, powerful emotions being knowingly, or even unwittingly, tied to them.