What is an apparition? Information about apparitions...ghosts.

The supernatural appearance of a discarnate, immaterial, bodiless, ethereal figure otherwise known as a ghost or spirit (the soul or essence) of a person left after the earthly, physical form has ceased.

Details About Apparitions
Apparitions may be either a ghost or spirit, meaning the disembodied person may be earthbound (trapped due to negativity - a ghost) or enlightened (a free spirit).

Apparitions are considered by ghost investigators to be the least common, rarely seen, of all ghost forms. Some ghost hunters believe apparitions, specifically a see-through human form, to only be the creation of Hollywood cinema. However, given the amount of credible apparition sightings that exist, theatre and movie apparitions were most likely derived from real life accounts. Interesting to note, accounts of animal apparitions have also been reported.

When an apparition is sighted, it may be conscious and interactive or it may be non-reactive and appear almost like an animation of a person reliving an event – sometimes, over and over. It is commonly believed that this type of ghost is left over as an energy imprint upon the environment with the cause being unknown.

When viewed, an apparition may be full-bodied, half-bodied (lower or upper torso, typically), a limb or head. Some apparitions are reported to be transparent while some are reportedly solid in appearance. This type of ghost has been seen fading in and out, appearing and disappearing before witnesses.

Some of the best eye-witness testimonies that validate the existence of apparitions (and ghosts) are when multiple accounts of the same ghost are seen, and the descriptions match one another. It is worthy to note that if an apparition appears before multiple people and only one person can see it, it is likely that such a manifestation could be mentally-produced as an illusion or “imaginitive vision.”