Ill-Behaved Ghosts: Negative Entities

Understanding Negative Ghosts...

Most ghosts are not negative or ill-willed, though entities with not-so-good intentions do exist. Through listening to personal experiences from those who have been attacked or bothered by negative entities, we have taken note of similarities and wish to share what I know, as well as what we are doing out in the field during investigations.

What I mean by "negative entity" is a spirit that is not nice to people. In the paranormal world, many ghost investigators are too quick to assume that a negative spirit is a demon. During our investigations, we have found that such spirits are simply human earthbound spirits, typically manifesting as shadow ghosts...dark shadows.

We use the term dark shadows to describe negative entities, because their inner condition often matches their outer appearance, though their shape may differ from one account to another. Most typically, shadows that move are human in shape, but can change to becoming larger, smaller or even be seen as an amorphous blob. Still, no matter the shape, I am finding such negative entities to be ill-willed human spirits. 

Negative EntitiesNegative entities seem to be able to change their shape, size, as well as appearance. Occasionally, some witness negative shadow ghosts that have red eyes; sometimes witnesses describe having seen a dark, human form morph into a frightening horned entity (demon-like), or having a skull-looking face. Shadow ghosts that appear to be demonic have also been seen making their presence very large to appear more menacing, maybe floating in the air, or on the ceiling; etc. When we hear these accounts and apply them to personal investigative experiences, we are finding that negative human spirits seem to have a better grasp of who they are and what they are doing. In other words, these ghosts know they are earthbound spirits, understand enough to be able to alter their appearance, and at times, they purposely seek out those in the flesh to taunt, torment, abuse, attach to, or influence. It would seem that the more they haunt their fearful victims, the more they are able to become adept, through practice, at doing such things.

In dealing with negative entities, it is most important to understand that they are simply spirits of humans with bad dispositions and possibly ill-intentions. They are not demons, devils and the like. The source of any negative entity's power is through invoking fear into their victims. If successful, fear will allow a negative entity to gain control over the mind of the person whom they seek to attack or influence. Unfortunately, most people fear what they do not understand, so it is easy for a negative ghost to find fearful victims.

Yet, we have had success conducting spirit rescue through working to make negative ghosts understand that there is hope. If we were to look at human beings in general, we should understand that people who attack others do so due to low self-esteem. Attack is rooted in fear, and is a way to seemingly elevate one's position of standing within their own mind.

Spirit rescue (ghost rescue) is about helping a hurting person on the other side, no matter how detestable they may seem to us. All people deep inside want to be loved, not hurting or lacking, and wish to be accepted by others; for we are social creatures. We have found that a majority of people who have remained here as earthbound spirits are afraid of what they do not understand, especially what happens next in their life-journey. Ghosts find themselves comfortable with the earthly plane, yet, by remaining behind, are focused on the past, though seemingly interacting in the present. Explain to negative entities (or any ghost) that by staying here they are missing loved ones who want to be with them; and, they needlessly suffer by not having inner peace acheived by letting go of the past. This is the key to rescuing spirits successfully. Here's an audio recording example of how to help ghosts: Spirit Rescue Audio. If you have a ghost in your residence or place of business, why not try downloading this audio and playing it for the spirit. Perhaps, the entity will find the information helpful and may choose to move on.

Remember, most ghosts (including dark shadows) do not have bad intentions; but all ghosts need to be understood as being human spirits who are lost and in need of getting home. Helping the lost is what we should be seeking to do. Some spirits may not be willing to receive assistance, but we have nothing to lose in trying to heal every broken soul.

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