Evil Spirits FAQ

What Are Evil Spirits?What Are Evil Spirits?

Within Christianity and other religions evil spirits are believed to be unseen forces that are negative in nature, namely, demons under control of Satan (aka, The Devil) in Western cultures. In Christianity, specifically, demons are thought to be fallen angels under the direction of The Devil. However, malevolant entities are not fallen angels or demons. Negative entities are disembodied human spirits, another name for ghosts. Of course, most ghosts are not negative in nature; so evil spirits really define the small portion of lost people in spirit who exhibit depraved behavior, having not moved forward in the afterlife to find healing. Such evil spirits can actually enjoy tormenting people on Earth, for a season, but that does not mean they will never repent of this behavior or be reconciled.

To understand this idea of evil spirits better, we thought it best to provide some answers to the most common questions people ask about ghosts with ill intentions.

What Do Evil Spirits Do?
Evil spirits seek to control others. These are the ghosts of people who were often negative in their physical life, as well. People are all different, and we both negative and positive people in and out of fleshy bodies. A negative spirit person, is controlling just like most negative people with human bodies. Think about manipulative people who are selfish. Often, they are Type A personalities, meaning they they can be impatient, competitive, aggressive, controlling, incapable of relaxing, and often hostile.

What are Evil Spirits?How Can Evil Spirits Affect Others?
Evil spirits seek to control and manipulate people. It does not matter whether the person they wish to control has a body or not. Ghosts such as these often know who they are, and are adept at messing with people's minds. Their influence can be as simple as using negative thoughts to bring people to think incorrectly about themselves or others. Other times, they might try controlling the thoughts of others to a greater extreme. This is known as attachment or ghost possession. During cases of ghost possession, it is not uncommon for the possessed to have more than one earthbound spirit attached to them. Guess who controls not only the possessed, but the other ghosts? Our Type A negative spirit is in charge of the possessed person's mind, and the other ghosts who he may have brought along with him. Like sheep afraid of their shepherd, the other ghosts will not try and move on as long as he keeps them there. Often after the controlling spirit is removed, the other negative spirits leave quite easily, sometimes on their own. So, evil spirits are capable of controlling all people, no matter what manner they are.

Recently, a psychic-medium friend wrestled against a very capable controlling spirit during a house cleansing. This evil spirit could make banging noises and influence the minds of others to the point of causing depression. At one point during the cleansing, other ghosts who had been trapped there by this nasty ghost's ability to control others, were able to finally be freed through the work of the psychic-medium.

Evil SpiritWhy Do Evil Spirits Mess With People?
This is a good question. Many spirits that choose to be evil do so to have a good time, having often been former victims of human abuse. There behavior is sort of a retaliation upon the human race, in general, a way to punish others for the injustices that the lost spirit has suffered. Evil spirits do indeed understand they are spirits of humans, what many call ghosts. Knowing who and where they are, they practice to improve their skills of manipulating others and the physical environment. Many people want to call such knowledgable spirits, "demons," but this will just cause the ghost to be more determined to use a person's own fear against them. It is better to call them out onto the carpet by letting ghosts know you know what they are up to. Often when ghosts know the game is up, they lose some fight in them and become more willing to listen to the person who desires to help them. Ghosts choose not to move on in their life journey, ultimately due to fear. It may be fear of punishment, fear of ridicule, fear of having let a parent or sibling down, etc. Such spirits that choose to behave badly believe they are getting away with their crimes against humanity, but know deep down there will come a time when it must end.

What Is The Best Defense Against Evil Spirits?
The evil spirit that wishes to control another must do so through fear. Fear is the key to the car. Without fear, the controlling ghost is unable to grasp the mind of another through negative thoughts.

How Do You Get Rid of Evil Spirits?
As mentioned, evil spirits are simply disembodied, lost human spirits - people who are emotionally hurting deep inside. The best way to get rid of them is to help them. All people need to know they are forgiven and loved; that they have value and can soar to great heights during their journey through life. Life never ends, so ghosts need to understand that their family, friends and other loved ones await them in Spirit, and that they will be forgiven. There is no eternal punishment, Hell. In short, replace fear with love, and the soul of any person can be restored from darkness to light.

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