Haunted Mansions

A list of some of the more noteworthy, sometimes abandoned, top haunted mansions in the U.S...

Across the United States, there have been many large properties that have been left uninhabited due to the economy. Some have been left, perhaps, due to their haunted history.

The haunted mansions we have listed have sat empty for years and may be purchased in the near future (if not already). If these homes could speak, they would be sure to tell tales of happier times as well as legends of tragedy, and unfortunately, haunting by ghosts.

Haunted Mansion: Lynnewood Hall
This haunted mansion with columns has 110 rooms and sits in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Lynnewood Hall was built around 1900 as a Neoclassical revival style building. It was eventually a seminary when it declined rapidly. Before that time, it was opened from 1915-1940 for public viewing of its art after its original owners, the Widener family, had all passed. Many wonder what secrets, what spirits might reside within its walls.

Haunted Mansions: Houghton
Located in North Adams, Massachusetts, the Houghton Mansion has appeared on the Travel Channel due to its mysterious haunting of lights turning on, moaning heard on its grounds, and the presence of a disembodied girl said to lurk within the home. Built in the early 1900s, the family suffered a horrific tragedy in 1915, resulting in multiple deaths from a car crash, suicide and sudden death from shock and sadness.

Haunted Mansions: Los Feliz
This California haunted mansion has sat empty since the 1960s, it's owner paying the taxes annually. It is a site where no one wants to live due to its history of a doctor who killed his wife there in 1959, using a ball peen hammer to do it. He, then, ruthlessly beat his teenage daughter and drank a glass of acid to seal his own fate. Might they still roam the grounds?

Haunted Mansion: Mudhouse
Built in the latter 1800s, this haunted mansion sits slightly east of Lancaster, Ohio. Having a reputation of being a truly haunted house, stories abound of a group murder having taken place there – though no one can agree as to when it occurred. Having been empty since the 1930s, this haunted mansion is a beautifully bricked Victorian home. Who knows what stories lie within...

Haunted Mansions: Kimball Castle
Yes, this haunted mansion looks like a castle. Located in Gilford, New Hampshire and sitting on the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee, Kimble Castle sits on a hillside and appeared on SyFy's Ghost Hunters. Built by a wealthy railroad owner in 1895, people reportedly have seen a ghost in the carriage house kitchen and feel a presence. Doors are also said to move on their own in this haunted mansion.

Haunted Mansions: Prospect Place
Located in Trinway, Ohio (near Dresden), the Prospect Place haunted mansion is open to ghost tours and private investigations! This old home, built in 1856, has had its share of ghost stories experienced within and outside its walls, and it was once used as part of the Underground Railroad during the time of the Civil War. Visit the Prospect Place website.

Haunted Mansions: Land's End Estate
Possibly the inspiration behind F. Scott Fitzgerald's “The Great Gatsby,” this haunted mansion of Sands Point on Long Island, New York had many famous guests such as Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx during its heyday. Built in 1902, it is a 20,000 square foot clapboard manor house which is sadly now demolished since this writing. Might its grounds still hold secrets and ghosts of the past that still haunt?

Have Your Own Haunted Adventure!
Go out there and find your own haunted sites right where you live. Ghost stories abound, you'll find, if you take the time to talk with local business and homeowners. Family members just may hold some secrets they have not opened up about. Seek out experiences.

In the fall, watch for local stories in newspapers or listen for them on radio programs. Visit your library and find out if books have been written about local haunting or even tragedies. Then, begin your ghost investigations and see if you can collect your own evidence of haunting.