Ghost Stories: Black Eyed Kid

Ghost story from Amy Fortney...

I have one of those children (black-eyed kids) attached to me. I'm not sure how long he's been attached, (possibly at least 4 years now and maybe longer), but I finally realized he was with me around July 2010.

He's 10 years old and his name is Michael. I can describe him perfectly, from his features to his clothes and everything in between. But the most disturbing thing about him is the eyes. They are black, and there is something about them that I find deeply unsettling. It's hard to describe the feeling of looking into those eyes.

Up until July, I only ever saw him in dreams, so I shrugged it off even though I dreamt of him often. In July, though, I was riding with another investigator to a ghost investigation. I didn't know this guy very well at the time, and he knew nothing of Michael or my dreams about him. I had only ever told one or two people up to that point.

When we got to the location (which was 1-1/2 hrs drive), he shut the car off, looked at me and asked, "So who's the young boy that follows you around?" He then proceeded to describe Michael to a T. I knew at that point Michael was not just a dream but real. I then started to give more thought to this child as time passed. I can even remember a time when my arm was grabbed by what felt like a child's hand, although nothing was there.

What's interesting is that since July, I have had no more dreams of Michael. Now, instead, I hear him on my ghost box. Others have witnessed hearing him as well. He constantly says "Mommy" or "Where's Mommy?" and it sounds like he's crying or scared.

One day I was using the ghost box with two other people. We opened the session, introduced ourselves, and asked the box which one of us they would like to speak with. We all heard my name. So naturally I said, "I'm here. What would you like to tell me?" The voice replied, "Who's the boy?" And within minutes Michael was asking, "Where's Mommy" through the ghost box. Michael's communication with me has escalated to the point that I hear him every time I turn the device on. People I tell think I'm crazy. So when I turn the box on for them, and they hear it, they're in shock or think I've somehow rigged the ghost box to say specific messages.

I've never felt scared by Michael other than his eyes creeping me out. Instead, I feel completely heartbroken that there's a kid who's apparently lost his mother. I feel compelled to help him somehow. And I also feel that I am supposed to protect him, but from what? I don't know. I have a strong desire to learn who this boy is, why he's attached to me, and what I can do to help him. I have asked him but only ever hear him calling for mommy.