Elementary Ghost Story

by Sam...

Palmer Elementary is one of the oldest schools in Pharr, Texas.

It has been an Elementary, Middle and High School. Adults and children have had many experiences in the school building.

The library is open all week except for Fridays, so the librarians can put back books. When a fourth grader went on a friday to see if the library was open, she said that there was a little girl sitting at the computer; but there was no one in the library!

Another experience happened to a couple of children waiting for the library to open. The children witnessed a girl that went into the library when it was locked.

This was followed by a report of something happening with the janitor who went to work early (around 6:00 AM) and decided to open the library.

He said that when he went inside the library, two little kids were playing and went and hid behind a bookshelf.

Another ghost sighting was witnessed by the computer lab teacher, whose classroom is right across from the library.

She saw a figure in front of her and told the person to wait, because she was busy. When she was ready to talk to the waiting person, the figure had simply disappeared. When she asked the children who was there, they told her no one had come in.

I almost had forgot to mention another story that happened at Palmer Elementary. When one of the teachers brought a priest into the school in order to bless the library, a black figure appeared floating in the air!

Photo courtesy of Sternenrauschen