Penny's Orbs Ghost Story

from Penny

It Began With an Orb
There isn't much to my story regarding "orbs." (I was sitting in my living room watching TV and the white light was to the left of me near my dining room wall and floated across the room in front of me - went right in front of the TV as it grew, and as if it knew it got my attention; and then, "POOF!" it disappeared.
The next night, while sitting again watching TV, I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I believed it was one of my children maybe getting up for a drink, and so, I waited; but, nobody came out of the kitchen. I continued to sit still, watching TV.

Then, I saw a shadow of a small figure on the wall, so I waited again to see if one of my children might come out. As I kept watching TV, still no one came out. About that time, I looked up and saw a small spirit like image of a child and a blue little light in front of this image; and it just kind of hovered in front of the child and then again, "Poof!" they both disappeared.)
I'm not sure what it all meant or why I saw it, however I spoke with my father regarding this and we both got chilled as he explained to me that two nights prior to this a small child like spirit walked through his house he lives in, across town.

You have to understand that I basically take it all with a grain of salt, so to speak, because I have had so many cool (and sometimes not so cool) experiences. I have had these experiences ever since I was a child (my first experience was seeing the face of Jesus Christ on a house window with the crown of thorns on his head and blood running and tears running down his face - I was only 12 years old).

I believe some of us have a gift to see certain things, and others do not. I am uncertain why this is, but I'm grateful I am one of the chosen few who can see. My daughter also has been able to see things others have not. At the young age of five, she walked up to me, and as she waved her hand out around me, she said, "That's beautiful." I asked her "What?" And she said, "All those angels around you." And then, like a child, she just walked off to play. That blew me away!