Out of Body Experiences: OBEs

Out of Body Experiences, Astral Projection or Astral Travel are all  one and the same. They are terms for consciously leaving the body as it sleeps or remains dormant. Best described as being "awake while dreaming," the spirit leaves the body usually through some form of meditation or disconnection from the physical form. Out of Body Experiences have also accidentally occurred through other means such as during sickness, injury and of course, "death" (See Near Death Experiences).
It is believed by many that the spirit remains attached to the physical body by what has been coined, "the silver cord," while astral traveling. One floats out of the body and enters the realm of spirit, also known as the "astral realm." The person having the out of body experience travels in spirit through the spiritual (astral) realm, that co-exists with this physical world. The astral realm is actually all around us...even in us; we just cannot see it.
It is commonly known that one can train their mind to have an out of body experience at will. The more one practices the technique, the easier it becomes to leave the physical body behind. Astral travelers say the distances that can be traveled are limitless. To return to the body, astral travelers often claim they simply think about their body and they are there. There is usually a time of reconnection required while the person waits for the spirit to "connect" to the body and get back in control of it. During this time, he or she is consciously waiting and may experiencing a "buzzing" in the ears.

All of us are spirit beings, though we may remain unaware of this. Out of body experiences are just that - experiencing the spirit part of you - the eternal, free you. We believe we have a purpose for interacting in the physical world -- try and keep this in mind. Being here on earth means that we have a unique opportunity to experience the physical world through this vehicle called the body. View the physical body as a place to return after your spiritual journey; and not a thing to disdain. The spirit animates the physical body and is the life-force within it. All experiences, whether in or out of body are for learning, and important. So, we may choose to view the world as a mirror that reflects back to us what we need to see and learn while here.
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