Boy in the Hospital Out of Body Experience

I decided to share my own OBE with a friend, whom I once worked with for several years. Each of us was telling our stories about our own obes. One young man told of how he fell on ice as a kid, and when his body smashed into the frozen ground, he floated up and out of his body. Lying there unconscious, kids and a teacher began to encircle him on the playground. As he remained unconscious, he watched as people were looking at him…wondering if he was okay. Of course, he was a silent observer of the crowd, from the air above!
Boy in Hospital OBE StoryAfter the young man shared his experience, my friend decided to tell us his story of being sick as a child. He was so sick, that he spent time in the hospital. After a while of being confined to a bed, my friend became bored. Through this state of boredom, he soon discovered through relaxing, he could float out of his body and walk around. The more he practiced, the easier it became to float out and explore, thus leaving the confining bed and hospital behind. Freedom was found through his mind.
One night, he decided to go a little further with his “exploration,” and traveled all the way home to his parent’s house. Being invisible, he went into his sister’s room and was standing at the foot of her bed; watching her. She suddenly woke up and looked right at him and called his name!  Somehow, she perceived he was there, but could not see him.
My friend later became well, and had no need to leave his body any further.