Anonymous Out Of Body Experience

I'm a twenty year old female from the United States. Ever since I can remember, I have been able to see entities. I can't hear them physically speak, but it's almost like they send me telepathic messages. I get pictures or memories in my mind, and I figure out what they are trying to say. Since this has been going on for such a long time, I'm pretty use to it (this is not like that guy John Edward who just gets these messages in the middle of the day - NO I can SEE them!). It usually happens either involuntarily if I fall into a deep sleep and am relaxed enough; or I can now do it in on my own by simple meditation where I just fall into a trance. It sort of feels like I'm slipping out of my body, so sometimes I can even see myself or rooms in my house, and I've even managed to get myself into other houses. The problem is, once I slip back, I guess I attract "them." Right as I'm coming to, I always see a ghost or entity, whatever -- almost like one always follows me. It freaks me out a little, because it always takes me some time be able to move and talk, etc. So I'm stuck there, just staring at a ghost!

Anonymous OBEWell, tonight was very different. I was sleeping, but I didn't feel as if I slipped out or anything. I stayed in bed, but this sound woke me up. It was an "ahhh," sort of like a choir voice (I thought it was outside, because like I said, I can't physically hear the others). And it was so bizarre I woke up. I felt dazed and unable to move like I always do; but this time I hadn't gone anywhere, so I didn't understand just what the hell was going on. So I turned to my right side, and saw this beautiful little creature. It was like a little girl, like a fairy, but the size of a child - with blond hair and white, translucent and she had a robe that was the same color as her skin. She was reaching out her skinny little arm to grab me. She didn't look like any of the others I've seen (not human), but she didn't have wings like an angel is "supposed to." The one thing that "weirded" me out and validated to me that she wasn't a ghost was that when she was trying to pull me, I freaked out and asked her to go away in my mind, but instead she switched sides (the ones I've seen just stand there, she could float around really fast). So she started trying to pull on my other arm and I said, "No! Stop." And then, she went back towards my right side and started floating feet first (facing me), up towards the ceiling; and she started shrinking and shrinking until she turned into two circles of blue light and disappeared completely. I'd like to know if anyone has actually "seen" an angel so I'd know what they look like, I've never seen anything like this before.

The night this happened, I was so freaked out I couldn't sleep a wink. So I stayed up all night. The light in the room (which I can only describe as being very blue - sort of like the bottom part of a flame) was so intense during the apparition, it took me some time to be able to see. All I can think is, whatever I saw must be a very powerful type of entity. The next morning I felt a lot of soreness in my arms. I didn't understand what was happening to me, as I couldn't have hit myself during the night before (I didn't sleep a wink - I just laid there all night); and I couldn't possibly hurt myself in a way that both my arms were hit on each side! I finally could not stand how bad it hurt, so I went into the bathroom to check my arms. When I lifted the sleeves off my shirt, there were two thumb print sized on each side of my arm.