Prayer Mantra OBE

Using a prayer mantra of "one," Madonna was self-led into a blissful out of body experience...

from Madonna

Prayer Mantra OBE (Oout of Body Experience)(I had an out of body experience) similar to a near death experience. I had never heard of "going into a trance of white light" or that a blissful experience of knowing God's love was even possible. But in late 1970s, I picked up a book on transcendental meditation, read it and decided to try and meditate while praying.

I was praying for an answer to a prayer, regarding a financial issue. I used the word "ONE" in my prayer mantra. I found myself in a white light and with a warm and blissful heart full of LOVE. Everything around me was bright white, illuminated, and pulsed LOVE. The bliss felt similar to a sexual high, never known and in my whole being; and it went on for hours.

I remember saying, "I have to go back to raise my son." I opened my eyes, and the room I was sleeping in was all illuminated in a white-like, cloud-like air. I looked out the window, and though it was supposed to be dark outside, it was illuminated also. I closed my eyes again and prayed to awake -- it was a little out of my reality for comfort.

I awoke in the morning, and being full of glee, told my mother (who gave my son and I temporary housing until I found another job) that there was a god, and he loved everyone, even me, and unconditionally. She asked me why I was so excited and how I knew. I told her of my story, and she just poo-pooed it!

I have never been able to duplicate this experience; but for some reason, the sheer anticipation holds me conscience. True Story.