Sleep Apnea Out of Body

from Allen H.

Sleep Apnea Out of BodyI was suffering sleep apnea and was hooked to a machine that detected any lapse in breathing. I was waking every 7 minutes and had stopped breathing for over a minute.

Previous to being tested for sleep apnea, I had an experience over two nights; and I am not sure exactly what happened. I found myself floating above my bed. When this happened, I looked around, and it was dark. I could see all the objects in my room, and I could see myself and my wife laying asleep.

I could also see our long dead cat looking up at me -- at first I thought I was dreaming. I had this overwhelming urge to leave the room and go, but I had know idea where; but it was very alluring. I felt a strong feeling that if I went I would know everything I had ever wanted to know. This temptation I found very hard to resist.

At some point I realized that it was real, and I began to panic, trying to scream out to my wife; but she could not hear me. The strangest thing was that her eyes were open -- but she was not awake as if she was in some sort of trance just looking upward.

When I tried to get back to my body, I could not. I had heard of astral travel from my wife, but there was no "cord," and it was not a pleasant experience at all. I felt there were eyes looking at me, but there was no one there. I had to use all my will to lower myself and somehow managed to turn upright but was hovering either above my body or below it.

Feeling out of control, I was so scared. I was really crapping myself and, then, I felt this massive jolt. I sprung up and woke my wife while talking (what felt like) a hundred miles an hour about my experience. She informed me that I was safe and if it happened again to just relax and go with it.

The next day I felt mixed feelings of excitement and fear. And I especially remembered the overwhelming feeling of knowledge that was so close and the excitement of what I could of learned. I decided that if it happened again I would stay calm and explore it. I got my wish. That same night it happened again, and I went straight into panic mode and experienced the same thing all over again.

The out of body experience has not happened to me since; and although I would love to go back and be brave, I am just too scared. I don't know if I died, astral travelled, or what happened, and I still have mixed feelings about the whole thing.