Labour Out of Body Experience

from Jayne P. of Portsmouth, UK

Labour Out of Body ExperienceI have had an out of body experience, but I am still really scared of dying. Perhaps I might have confused an OBE with having a near death experience as I was expecting to see loved ones that had already passsed.

I was 19 at the time and 28 weeks pregnant with twins. I had gone into the hospital, as my labour had started prematurely, and I was really quite ill and had been very nauseous and dehydrated. I was laying in bed and listening to what was going on outside my room. I was in a labour ward that was quite busy.

The next thing I knew I was looking at myself laying in the bed! I had left my physical body and was floating above myself near to the ceiling. I could still hear the noise outside my room, but I could not speak. My speech seemed to be transformed into thoughts. It was very strange as nothing else was different in the room. It was still dark, as it was night time, and the noise outside the room was the same; and I was still in the bed. 

As I started to realise what was happening to me, I became scared! Then, I was back in my body and was was awake. I didn't tell anyone about this until some time after because I couldnt understand what had happened to me. I wish it would happen again, though, because I have a lot more understanding now of what happened to me.