Melanie's Out Of Body Experience

I have had several OBEs in my life time: once, when I was seven and almost drown; and again when I was 18 while my aunt was laying in the hospital across town, just before she passed away.
I was living with a friend on the other side of town, and had not seen my family in two weeks. I didn't know she was ill. She called me out (I was out of body during the visitation) to see her because she needed to see me before she passed. I remember flying very fast through town just above the traffic and ended up in the Columbia hospital in her room. I was hovering beside her bed, and she looked up and reached out a hand to me. Though I couldn't feel her touch, her hand rested on mine. She just told me, "Don't worry Melanie. Everything is going to be alright." I had no idea why she told me this. I thought it was only a dream. It was a Friday night when this happened, and my home burnt down the following Monday. I was going to stay and grab my shower, but my cousin insisted I ride along with her to get diapers and food for her babies when the fire occurred. I would have died if I had stayed behind. My father heard about the fire, and when we got back he told me that she had passed away Friday night. She is one of my guardian angels, now, I believe.

Another time, my husband was in California, and I longed to be with him. I was living in Pennsylvania and he was out West, because he was ill and there were great doctors at the University. I was never there - in California.

He was living at his mother's house and I visited not only the house, but his bedroom as well, while out of body. There was paper and pen on the dresser with a partially written letter to me. I tried to lift the pen to write him a message but couldn't. I thought this was a dream as well.

Then, and this is strange, I awoke in my room, as if from a dream, and saw this beautiful sparkling cocoon floating above me. It was like the milky way, sort of. It was dark blue, with neon blue electric sparks going-off in it. I couldn't move as I was scared to death of it. I couldn't speak, only moan in fear.  But as I gasped for air, it shot down my throat and I shook violently, and then, passed out. Now some might have said I inhaled another spirit; that someone is hiding inside of me; but I think I just didn't know how to get back into my body. So, I somehow woke myself up, knowing I'd open my mouth, and thus give me an opening to get back into my body. I have searched far and wide for an explanation to this, and have found none so far. What do you think? Did I see my spirit? If I did, I think it's beautiful.