Anna's Out Of Body Experience

A few years ago while sunbathing on a deserted beach in Northern Arizona where I live, I fell asleep. I had an out of body experience and I know I wasn't dreaming because it is not something I would think of while conscious.

It must have been the waves gently washing ashore that put me in this state. And I must tell everyone, I was not the least bit frightened at what occurred. I will try to explain what happened as best I can, but you also need to know that it is almost impossible to put into words what I felt.

I was being ever so slowly and extremely gently raised up by some sort of spirits. I could not see them, but could feel them and knew they were spirits from Heaven. Ever so slowly, up, up , up gently rising above my body. I could see myself lying on the lawn chair I was in. As I looked up in the direction I was going, there was a sort of light leading up (what I would call a white hole - not black in space). Something was at the end of the tunnel, and I just knew by instinct it was heaven.

Now to tell you how I felt while this was occurring. All I can say is every ounce of pain, discomfort, sadness, depression and worry completely left me. I sighed as I was in total awe at the peace and love I felt. I knew I was being taken to my father. That is the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I sighed, "ohhhhhh" and stated, "I want to keep going. I really do, but I have to go back. I need to take care of my husband and cats and dog." Instantly, I was lowered just as gently and slowly as I was rising and woke up on the beach. I looked around. There were now a few people besides myself. One group of teenage boys had a boom box with a sort of Indian drumming music going. I like Indian music and thought to myself, that music must have lolled me to sleep. Maybe I had a heart attack on the beach and died; and was on my way to heaven when I was given a choice to keep going or return to my body and continue in this world for a while longer. I knew what love and peace God has to offer me when I die, and now I am unafraid to die because I have been shown by Him, that he is there and with me always. I feel very privileged to have experienced this. I no longer mourn for my deceased relatives and pets, because I know they are all with Him.

Once again, the total peace and love I felt at the time are totally unexplainable. It is not of this world. When I spoke, it was more a thought than my mouth moving. I wish you could all feel how I felt just once in your lives, so you would know what the bible means by, 'the former world has passed away.' I now know it does not pass away, but the pain, sorrow, sadness, and mental anguish are what actually passes. We leave it behind and feel anew with love, peace, and the most sweet comfort you can ever imagine.

I will not be afraid to die. No one wants to leave loved ones behind. And we are all afraid of the unknown. But when I do die, I know I am going to heaven. And that is enough for me.