Words Cannot Describe Out of Body Experience

I wish to share my out of body experience that took me to heaven. 
On November 24, 2005 the day we celebrated Thanksgiving,  I was enjoying the usual fellowship with family and friends, thinking about my mother who had passed away exactly one year ago on the same holiday. I started having burning pains in my throat, and my arms grew numb. This happened three times and by the third occurrence I knew something bad was happening to me. I went to my husband and told him that I thought I was having a heart attack. "Lets go to the hospital now," I told him. We left immediately.  On the way to the hospital, the pain ceased.  We rushed into the emergency room and they knew immediately that a heart attack was in progress.  I was bombarded with nurses bringing an aspirin to give me, and then two nitro-glycerine tablets to try to control the attack.  
Within a couple of minutes of the medication being administered, I went into cardiac arrest. To the surprise of my husband and the hospital emergency room staff, I flat-lined. This is where the real story begins...
Although the other people around me may have thought that I was unconscious, my spirit was more alive than ever and left my body lying on the bed. As I was leaving the bed, I knew what was happening and I saw for the first time in a year, my beautiful mother standing before me at the foot of the bed. Beside her stood my sister, who too had passed away one month before my mother. There was a host of heaven's angels, or people that had also passed on before. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing before me.  
The colors of the clothing were some of the most beautiful, vibrant colors I have ever seen. These colors do not exist on earth. My mother was wearing a shiny, purple robe-like dress adorned with shimmering, gold trim. Above her head was the most amazing sight.  A gold crown that was shaped like the moon, sat on top of  her head. Judy, my wonderful sister, was wearing a tall, gold crown and dressed in robes of white. I was so in shock and amazed that I cannot find words to describe my feelings at the moment; I did not know what to think. Both of their heavenly bodies were younger and more beautiful than imaginable. There were no blemishes, wrinkles; nothing but perfect skin that was God's gift to them when they returned to Him in heaven. As I was leaving my earthly body, mother lifted her crown and the crowd of people behind her bowed down. My spiritual body rose above my mother's head as she lifted the crown. I saw her amazing black hair, with perfect curls that shined like the sun.  Instantly I went behind her and entered the hallway of the hospital. I looked down at my spiritual body,  I realized that I was wearing the same clothing that I had as I entered the hospital a few minutes earlier. I took 5 steps toward the curtain where my body lay, I saw the doctor at the head of the bed, his arms crossed, one hand on his cheek. He said to the nurses "HIT IT".  In a flash I was back inside the body where I realized my heart had been shocked back to life. I looked up and the doctor was standing over me to my left, crying. He looked at my husband and told him "I am sorry, there is nothing else we can do here"  He asked if we wanted transport to Gadsten or Birmingham; I replied, "Gadsten."
Ambulance lights flashing, we hit the interstate in a hurry to get me to the hospital in Gadsten. Within twenty minutes my heart gave up, and I flat-lined, once again. This time around, I felt something that I cannot put into words. There was someone with me, not of this earth, but from the heavens. I felt His presence and He was lifting me up out of my body. The Holy Spirit surrounded my heart and soul and embraced me in pure love and peace; like nothing that I had known before.  The overwhelming feeling of Love that washed over me was so strong and overpowering, that I fell into a peaceful trance.  I wish that I could share this feeling with others or find words to describe it, however this is not possible. This love is unknown to our world, because God is so big, and his power is so strong, that only in heaven will we be able to comprehend, feel, and experience this emotion. But I was blessed to have felt this, and I will never forget it.  

Suddenly, I felt a stinging feeling on my left side, like a bee had stung me. I reached back to find a wire in my side where I had been shocked once again.  I knew then that they had shocked my heart back to life for a second time. That is when the ambulance arrived and in a frenzy I was rushed out of the vehicle. One of my sisters was standing outside the hospital and told me the family was all on the way to meet us there. I knew that I had to fight to live. I made the decision to do so. They rushed me into surgery; in an instant the doctor came out and spoke to the family. That is when he informed them all, that he did not think that he could save me. On the operating table, there was a spiritual battle going on.  I could not see who I was talking to, but I was arguing and pleading my case to live with the hosts from the other side.  I was not afraid to die for I knew the beautiful life waiting for me on the other side, but I was not ready to leave this earth. I still wanted to live here to spend more time with my family and friends -- experience more of the beauty that surrounds us. I wanted to take more time to enjoy all that is all created for us by our Father in Heaven. Needless to say, my loved ones and most of all me, were all blessed with a miracle that day. After I woke from surgery, the doctor stood by my side and said that it was because of someone up in heaven that I was alive.
The doctor put a stint into my heart. He said that I had suffered a massive heart attack (or better known as a "widow maker" heart attack). To the doctors surprise, he informed the family that I had beat the odds, and survived the heart attack and surgery.  He explained to everyone that this type of heart attack is not one that very many are able to survive. In short, I should be dead.   
The next day, the doctor met with me. According to the EKG, he did not think that I would have made it to Gadsten in that ambulance, he explained. He also told me of the horror that the nurses and doctors at Fort Payne hospital experienced when I flat-lined there the night before. They were all scared to death for me, and were sure that I was not going to survive.  Little did they know, my friends, family and many others were on their knees praying to the Father in Heaven. Prayers for the doctors to have the knowledge to help me; prayers for my body and my spirit to fight this attack; and prayers for my family who were all in a state of hysterics. All I was thinking of was my family, and I cried for them.  I knew that they were suffering, and mourning the possibility that they may be losing me. This off and on crying went on for several days. Not tears for myself, but for my family.
By the second office visit to check on my heart, test results showed that my heart had no serious damage and it almost seems as though no heart attack took place. This may be due to a strong immune system, or due to the power of prayer and God's mercy.  I told him that it was a miracle. And that is my true belief.  
I have been a Christian and child of God for approximately 25 years, and I had love and peace in my life and had accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.  My faith was as strong as it gets even though my eyes had not seen the face of God in the flesh, I still believed even though the devil was always and will continue to throw thoughts into my head to think otherwise.  After my experience, I can testify the truth that He is real and Heaven is only a stone's throw away from us.  We may doubt his Love, or questions Him for the things that happen in our lives, but only He knows what his plans are for us and we can only trust Him and know that even when it seems our lives are falling apart, God is with us and holding us close. 
Now as I sit here telling my story, I know a love for human kind that is stronger than ever. I want to share with the world this story, so that it may bring a glimmer of hope and security to them. That they may be reminded by my words that God is here with us now, and will be waiting with open arms when we pass away. This life is but a flash of time compared to the eternity of heavenly love and peace that we will experience when we leave this body here on earth.  Amen.
This is my story and I pray that if you are reading it now, that God will comfort you and you may feel his overwhelming love for you.