Yanein Animal Ghost Story

Dawnie's amazing cat ghost story...

When I was 15, I had a friend named, Jane. I used to stay over at her place. She had a huge black cat we called, "Yanein."

He seemed to be able to answer questions with his tail...if it went to the right it was yes (Ya); if it went to the left is was no (Nein), so he was Yanein, as his tail was always going right to left. Yanein eventually died, and the night of his death he came to me and said telepathicly, "I want to show you something and tell you something."

I went with him in spirit; and we did a full round of the three story house in Woolhara (Sydney). We went to every room. Yanein told me where the family had things stashed in "hidey holes" around the place, which was funny.

The next morning at breakfast I was asked "How did you sleep DD?" I sort of chuckled and told them the whole story. I described how Tim, Jane's father and his partner were sleeping, which was impossible for me to know as they had a whole floor to themselves. There was a self locking door to that level; and there was no way I could have gotten through without a key.

I told everyone where they hid their treasures (old sepia photos of pornographic nature, worth a fortune mind you), cash in a vent in the bathroom, diaries, jewelry, and all sorts of stuff.

They where flabberghasted and asked me how I came to know all this, and I told them, "Yanein visited me and took me on a trip through the house showing me everything, and he asked me to tell you that he will not be going anywhere. He is staying!"

There was a ghost in that house who was rather unpleasant, but really only played with people, slamming doors and locking them in rooms, stealing things, things like that; but he loathed and was very afraid of the cat, because Yanein could see him and was unafraid of him. So Yanein said he would stay and continue his patrols. It was his task to look after those who had looked after him so well and so lovingly.

Jane looked at me and burst into tears, and she believed me completely. When she had hidden her cash and diary in a vent in her room, Yanein was the only one in the room. She remembered, because she had fallen off the bed trying to reach the vent, and Yanein was sitting on the bed watching her. She said she could have sworn he was laughing at her.

After that, every time I visited their home, Yanein took me on patrol with him.
It always started at the back door, moving through all of the rooms, going up a level, 'til we got to the third floor. You know I never, not once, saw the ghost who irritated the family.

To this day, I remember so clearly, vividly, this regal, stunningly-handsome, pure-black cat, his perfectly green eyes, his large muscular frame, and that tail, swishing right, left, back and forth, never stopping...and the little messages he would pass along for Jane or Giles, or Tim and Anke.