Animal Ghost Stories: Chinky

Nanu Sharma's dog ghost story...

Two years back, a female, street dog gave birth to two puppies just outside our house.

We were only there to take care of them. They were very sweet. One of the female puppies, we named Chinky, as she was very naughty. Chinky always came inside my home and messed with things. My parents also loved the puppies very much. Chinky usually runs here and there and plays all the time with us.

In our neighborhood, nobody likes dogs, and so, someone kicked these two puppies. One day when I came home from school, I was told that Chinky was kicked by a motorbiker. My brother and I hurredly came to her aid and took her to a hospital. After doing x-rays, the doctor told us that her left leg was totally broken, and we had to do an operation immediately. He also told us that there was only 50% chance that she would survive. It was really hard for us to hear. We were helpless at that time but left Chinky to the hospital with sad hearts. Even more difficult, she was crying and shouting at us when she saw that we were going to leave without her. I saw her innocent eyes and walked away. I started crying on my way out, feeling totally helpless. The doctor had not allowed us to stay in the hospital but said he would call us in the morning.

The next morning, around 4:00 AM, my mother woke up and shouted that Chinky was outside and barking. I suddenly woke up from the bed and ran towards the door. I also heard the voice of Chinky. But when I opened the door, there was nothing. I then realized there was no way Chinky could be there as she was in the hospital. Then, we received a phone call around 4:15 AM from the hospital. The doctor told my mother that around 3:50 AM, Chinky stopped breathing and died. I was shocked and started crying.

It was then that we came to realize that Chinky came home after her death to see us one last time. Her soul was standing outside my house to make us feel her presence. We believe she loves us very much.