Black Cat Ghost Story

A couple from Arizona lives with a black ghost cat that interacts with them!

by Kathy Owen

Black Cat Ghost StoryWe keep having fun experiences with our ghost cat.

Even our cat Sissy is happy now that she has a playmate, even if it isn't alive.

Travis and I were coming home from shopping, and we were unlocking the door and thought our cat Sissy ran right by us and got outside. We had both seen a black cat run right by our feet and down the hall. So, we brought the groceries inside, and I had put them down on the counter to go get the cat. Travis walked into the bedroom and Sissy was sound asleep on our bed.

Last night, I was here, sitting on my computer, and I felt a cat rub up against my leg. Then it tugged on my blanket I use to cover my chair - just like how a cat takes their claws and scratches. I felt the blanket being pulled!

I turned to say, "Stop it, Sissy!" but there was no cat near me (that I could see). I got up and looked in the bedroom, and Sissy was, again, asleep at the foot of the bed with my husband, Travis.

This (ghost) cat is very friendly...loves to rub up against you; and I can even feel it jump up on the couch when I'm watching television.

Sissy has a spot at one end of the couch next to the sliding glass door. A couple of times she was laying there and looked right over at the cushion next to me and stared. No sooner than she does that, I will feel something jump down from the cushion next to me.

I like it though - Sissy has a play mate to keep her company, and I get to have two cats (since in our apartment building, we're only allowed to have one animal/pet). I have two, only you can't see the other one.