Animals in the Afterlife

Do Animals Survive Death and Live in the Afterlife?

Many who have lost a pet wonder if animals continue to live on, after the death of their body, in the afterlife. And if so, where are they? Could animal ghosts be with us in spirit, walking and interacting in the astral plane?

Sylvia from the United Kingdom confirmed her own suspicions that animals do live on in the afterworld while having an out-of-body experience (aka 'astral travel' or 'astral projection'). While having her 'OBE,' she was able to locate her beloved dog right there in the same room with her!

The following is Sylvia's wonderful story.

My Dog in the Astral Plane

I thought I'd give you my recent experience while out of body.

Animals in the AfterlifeAugust 11th, 2012. I woke at 6 am, then about 8 am, went to lie down just to relax. I wasn't sleepy, but I had a little pain and numbness in my hand; and lying down helps that. I'd only been on the bed for a few minutes when I heard an inner buzzing sound. I have had out -of -body experiences before, so I knew what this sound signified: I was about to leave my body.

I can rarely get completely out-of-body, but usually my legs and arms rise up pretty easily; and usually I can see or hear, and speak. My consciousness appeared to be normal, but still, I did a quick "reality-check" to make sure I was fully conscious and aware (I asked myself the following questions: What is my name? What day is it? What date is it? Approximately what time is it? Where am I right now, and why?). All answers were correct and lucid.

My (astral) legs floated upwards easily, and my arms too. There was no more pain in my hand while out-of-body. I was glad about that.

Then I thought I'd try to see if my dog (she died June 5th, 2012) might be around. Before I'd laid down, I hadn't sensed her; so I thought she might not be with me. I was also not sure what might have happened to her after her death, though I had felt spontaneous contacts from her on four occasions (waves of affection, and a sense of the presence of her 'character'). However, I thought that it could have been that her soul had moved on in some way. I prepared myself for any disappointment and thought I'd try, nevertheless.

I could hear and use my voice at this stage but couldn't see. My sense of touch in my astral hands was just like my physical sense of touch (minus the hand pain).

I called my dog's name in a bright and happy way, just like I used to when she was in another room or something or if we were going out. I heard a 'stumbly' kind of noise in the room; and then, a little bump. And then, suddenly, my astral hands touched her head!

She had jumped up at the edge of my bed, and my astral hands going out-of-body felt her clearly. I could feel the exact texture of her fur and her ears. She was incredibly warm, exactly like her physical body, perhaps even slightly warmer than usual. I was so happy to ruffle her ears and talk to her, and she too seemed full of happiness, I could feel her moving to push against me with her head. Her ears bent back a bit with my rubbing them, and I wanted her to straighten her ears out. So I said, "Shake (your head), when I'm gone, to straighten your ears!" Then, I was back in my body. The experience lasted about 2-3 minutes.

Before this experience, I was pretty sure there was life after death - even for dogs. Now, I know there is. I am speaking out about this to try to help people who are suffering intense grieving after the death of loved ones.

There is no death, only transition to other dimensions. And another dimension exists only a heartbeat away.

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