Dog - Animal Ghost Story

Trace's ghost story of her dog, Blade...

Sadly, I had a dobe who I had to euthanize due to heart failure. I absolutely idolized my dog, "Blade." We were very close.

I had always planned to cremate him and have his ashes in a nice wooden box in my cabinet when the time came (which I was told would be about six months due to his severity). I had him with me for nine months which was a blessing.

Three weeks went by and no sign of his ashes. I thought they had lost him and resigned myself to the fact that I would not become upset, as his spirit was released anyway.

Now you might think this sounds silly, but before I made the decision to have Blade euthanized, I took him outside and was telling him (telepathically and not sure if he could hear me) that I was making a decision, because he had been through enough and didn't deserve to suffer anymore. I told him that I would have him cremated and his ashes would always be in the house. I also told him to come back and visit me and to let me know he was there.

It is only supposed to take a week before you get their ashes back. One night, three weeks after Blade was euthanized, I was awoken out of a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning. I was not dreaming of him at all. I know this, because I awoke straight away and would have known what I had just dreamt. I heard Blade bark right in my ear so loudly that it woke me instantly. I know his bark and it was so loud; it wasn't an audible bark, but a telepathic bark. It was Blade's bark he used to do when he wanted something. It was to get my attention!

I sat up in bed to listen for any sound...nothing. I woke my husband, asking if he had heard the dog bark in the bedroom and he said, "No," and made a stupid comment about poltergeists. I lay there for what seemed like ages thinking about Blade and was a little upset, because it was so nice to hear his bark again.

The next morning I got a phone call from the vet telling me to come pick his ashes up, as they had finally arrived. Now I know this wasn't a coincidence.
I truly believe that Blade came to tell me not to worry anymore, as his ashes were ready for me to pick up. He also let me know, just like I asked him to do. I had told him to do something so I would know he was there with me. He certainly did. There is nothing like having a dog bark right in your ear!

That is the last I have ever heard or felt of him. Blade is happy and he deserves to be. I don't need to worry about him anymore.