Cat Spirit Ghost Story

A feline ghost story by Genifer Dunn...

I am a very curious person. Me and my friend Calley were playing with a Ouija Board. We believed in ghosts, but we didn't think that we would really contact one.

A week before me and Calley played with the Ouija Board, something really scared me. I was going downstairs to see if my dad had any candy hidden in his little area. The only light in that area was my flashlight and the basement light.

Right when I found the candy, I reached for it. As I did, I heard the sound of a cat puking. I was terrified, so I dropped the candy and ran upstairs.

A week after that incident, my friend Calley spent the night. We were down in my room asking the Ouija Board questions like, 'What is your name?' and 'How old were you when you died?' The thing that freaked us out the most is that it said its name was "Princy."

Princy was my cat who died in 2007. I knew that he was seven in human years when he died, and when we asked how old he was, it said, "seven." We also asked if it was my cat in his past life and it said, "Yes." We asked a few other questions then went to bed.

After she left in the morning, my mom and brother had to run to the store. My dad was in his room asleep. I stayed home on the computer. When they were gone, I heard a cat moaning. I also heard that same sound a few weeks after Princy died. I thought that it was his way of saying goodbye.

Nothing has happened since then, but things have been happening even before me and Calley played with that Ouija Board.

Recently, I had gotten a little chill down my spine, but I told myself that it was all in my head. Shortly thereafter, I told myself that I heard the sound of a cat running across the living room. I got up and looked around but didn't find a cat anywhere. I couldn't take the fright anymore, so I turned the computer off and went outside and sat with my dog until my mom got home.

A lot more events like these have been happening and are still happeneing at this moment. The scariest thing about all of this? We had no cats when these events occurred. The last cat we had, died in June. These events took place in November, 2009.