Ghost Friend Visits

from Heather
Heather's friend visits her as a ghost...
About a month and a week ago my best friend Julia died from taking too many medications that had been prescribed to her by her doctor.  She had just had a baby and was in no condition to be taking so many things.

Well about two weeks ago, I was laying down on the couch over at my mom's house because that's where I sleep whenever I visit there. 
Out of nowhere I began feeling like I was being watched by someone and the temperature in the room had dropped dramatically.
I had heard, that while I had been away, there had been paranormal things happening around the house; and they thought it was Julia.
So this, coupled with the strange feeling I had, caused me to ask, "Is that you, Julia?"  As if in response I heard a tap on the wall that could not be explained.
In case it could be explained I said, "Julia, if this is you I want you to come here and touch my hand."  Of course, I couldn't actually feel anything solid touch me but right after I said that it got very cold around my hand and an explanation for that is impossible.  I began getting goosebumps and I began talking to her and asking questions and as a response she would either tap on the wall or move a balloon that was in the room in certain directions.
After she was done moving the balloon it would stand perfectly still until another question was asked.
I realized that if I took some pictures with my digital camera that something paranormal might show up. So, I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures like mad.
In a few of the photographs it looked like there was a red orb moving in different directions, and in one of the pictures it looked like there was an orb in motion. The ironic thing though is that the orb was red and red was Julia's favorite color; the color was always associated with her.
I also heard that her boyfriend had been having experiences too, like the window rolling down all by itself in his car, then rolling back up again.
I hate to think that Julia is still on Earth, but I cannot deny what happened that night.