Grandma Ghost Visitation Story

McPatty's Ghost Story of a Nighttime Visitor...
In the winter of 1998, I was asleep in my bedroom one night. My door was closed. 
I woke up when something hit the foot of my bed on the mattress -- I looked to see what it was, and seeing nothing, I figured I had been dreaming and went back to sleep.  
A couple of nights later, the same thing happened again. I remember thinking when it happened, "I'll just lay here and see what happens."
I was laying on my left side with my left hand under my pillow and my right hand against my chest; and I was alone.  Again, my bedroom door was closed.  
After while, I could feel something coming up the mattress to my right. It was very cold in my room, and my right shoulder was uncovered. As I lay there, my heavy, cotton comforter was gently pulled up over my shoulder!
I was trying to look at the wall I was facing to see if there was a glow or anything like that, but it was dark. After my shoulder was covered, nothing else happened. I laid awake for the next two hours or so. I was so freaked out!  This happened around 3:00 am because I finally got back to sleep around 5:30 am. I asked my daughter the next mornng if she had come into my room, even though my door never opened. She asked, "Why would I do that?" My son sleeps like a log, and as I mentioned before, my door was shut the whole time.
I like to think it was my grandma making sure I wasn't cold. 
It never happened again...