Twin Sister Ghost Story

by Gina
My name is Gina, and I have a twin sister whom passed away one year ago on September 11. Tina died two days after our 29th birthday.  During our adult years, she always joked about not ever turning 30 years old. This was all before we knew about her sickness.
In the past year, I had extreme difficulty with our birthday coming up, because it would be the first one without her and I would be turning thirty.  We would laugh continuously about this. Neither one of us wanted to turn thirty, and I told her before she passed that I was staying at 29 forever.  
Well, on our birthday this year, I had a hard day dealing with being without her for the first time on our birthday. I had been in a very depressed state all day. Later that night I had gone outside to get some fresh air.  I have a blazer that I put the tailgate down on, and was sitting...just thinking about the last year.  I caught a slight fragrance of what I thought was the body spray my sister wore, but I thought it was my wishful thinking, because my other siblings said that they had felt her presence and I never had.  Well a few minutes later, the fragrance was stronger. Then I started laughing so hard. I could hardly catch my breath - all of a sudden I had the strongest sense of my twin laughing at me, because I had just turned thirty and she was still twenty-nine.

I have had other connections with her since then, but this was the most important one, as it was her first visit with me and it was our birthday. I know this is not a scary ghost story, but for me it was very important in the closure of her death. I know she is still with us. My nephew, who is only three, has made little comments like, "Hi, Ti-ti," and "I love you, Ti-ti."  "Ti-ti" is what all the kids in our family had called Tina. It is strange, too, because he could barely speak when she died and was never really around her.  So it caught us off-guard on Thanksgiving, when he was running through the kitchen and stopped in his tracks...had a big smile on his face and blurted it out. We all know she is with us now. You have to believe to see.