Ghost in the Garage

by Cristina of Portugal
The story I have to tell you happened when I was about eight years old.  At the time I lived on my grandfather's land with him, and two of his daughters (my mom, and my aunt).  My aunt Silvia had a daughter, my cousin Ana. We were about the same age.  Although we lived on the same land, we had separate houses. To go to her house we had to cross a road, about 50 meters that ended in a big garage (about 4 meters high) and then turn right to go upstairs to her house (just before the garage).  
We had stayed late in my house, it was about 11 pm, and it was (obviously) dark.  She decided to go home, so we said goodbye.  I locked the door and went to bed. Imagine my surprise when someone started to knock furiously at my door, shouting.  It was my cousin and she was scared as hell!  I slowly opened the door (I didn't know what was happening, but it couldn't be that bad!!).  She was very nervous and said to me immediately, "Shut the door, and lock it! NOW!"  She came in, and I asked her (as I didn't know what the hell was going on and thought that she was really overacting), "What happened?  And then she told me, "I saw a ghost, in the garage!"  I didn't buy that!  What kind of an idiot did she think I was?  I thought she was just fooling around with me.  I said to her, "Yes, right.  I believe you." And then she said, "Then go out there if you have the guts...since you don't believe in me!"  So I said, "Sure, why not?  There's nothing there.  What an idiot!"

So, I stepped out of my house, and started to go through that road to the garage -- always looking at her.  And then, I looked down to the garage, and wasn't that a surprise?  I saw a white (and sometimes transparent) ghost just standing there...about 1 meter from the ground!  Then I ran from there as fast as I could (I was almost in the middle of the road, so I had much to run before I got home).  When I looked back, I saw that thing coming my way!  That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me!  Then I went home looked the door, windows, closed the curtains, and went to bed and covered myself with all my sheets and blankets (along with my cousin. Not like that was going to stop that thing, but hey, we were kids...and scared as hell!).
So, that is my story.  I've believed in ghosts ever since, and I just love the paranormal. I'd love to know more; no learn more about these things!