Colorado Ghost Story

by Richard of Loveland, Colorado
I live in a small 84 year old, two bedroom house with a quarter basement. I have lived here six years with my dog, a black lab/blue heeler mix.
On three occasions, I have seen an orange-yellow fuzz ball hovering in the kitchen. All three times, my dog saw it first and her growling woke me up.  I believe my dog has seen it more often. Her growling woke me up several times, but I didn't see anything. Every time this happened, my dog was in the kitchen.  My dog is very friendly, and she is not a growler. I have never mentioned this to anyone.  After all, I've only seen it three times in six years.
Last night's incident is the best yet and has me pretty shook up. I was watching TV and fell asleep on the couch.  My dog's growling woke me up at 2:30am. The dog was standing by the front door, not in the kitchen.  Here's where it gets very interesting. I have an inexpensive color/night vision surveillance camera in the front of my house. It's hooked up to the TV. The TV was on, so I clicked the video button on the remote control. I saw a woman, 25-35 years old wearing what looked like a man's dress shirt...long tail and long sleeves. That's all she was wearing. No pants, no shoes, nor coat.  The temperature outside was five degrees F and it was snowing.

I opened the front door and looked outside.  Nobody was there.  I went back to the TV and she is now at the end of my driveway and she is staring at the front door.  I open the door again...nothing there.  So I ask if there's something I can do to help her.  I go back to the TV and I see her walking down the sidewalk.  I sit and stare at the TV for the next half hour hoping I can see her again through the surveillance camera.  Suddenly, the dog starts growling and heads for the kitchen, but this time she (the dog) goes through her dog door out into the backyard.  At this point, I'm thinking the ghost walked around the block and up the alley to the back of my house.  
So, I think I have a female ghost. She is not mean and wanted nothing to do with me.  I could not see her with the naked eye, but I did see her with a cheap surveillance camera that I bought at Wal-Mart.