Haunted House Ghost Stories

by Chelsea from Petersham, MA

A few years ago, before I moved, the house I lived in was VERY haunted. My whole family has had experiences, but mine was special to me. I was sleeping, and it was probably around 1:00 am when I had a dream about one of my younger sisters. I dreamt that she would come into my room and ask to sleep in my bed. Well, wouldn't you know she did. Everything was as I had dreamed, except for one thing. When I woke up and looked at her, a young boy was standing right behind her. My mother said it was probably the cat (who has a black bushy, tail); but it couldn't have been, because I could see all of his features very clearly. He was black and white, and see-through. He looked at me...a quick glance, and ran to my open bedroom door and vanished. He sort of faded out, as he reached the light of the doorway. That was around the time we moved in.

My second story is actually a compilation of things I have seen, and things my family has experienced. From me, I have this: my family and I had just gotten back from the grocery store, and I ran inside the house. My kitchen was in the back of the house...attached to the dining room. On one side of the room is the cellar door. This door was a heavy one that could not open easily. So, I walked into the room and all of a sudden, the door flew open and then shut with a bang that was heard throughout the house, and outside. I haven't been comfortable with going in a cellar ever since. Another account of this house was that my mother saw a lady standing "in" the washing machine. When my mom turned around, no one was there. My aunt also has said that while she was house sitting she heard people having a party upstairs. She was the only one in the house at the time. My sisters used to say "The ghost lives in that room."

Well it's been four years since I have been in that house, and I am glad that I moved. Actually, it wasn't until after we moved that we learned one reason why the house could have been haunted. The new owner was trying to "redecorate" the house and decided to move a little pine tree in the front of the house. Underneath the pine tree, he found gravestones. They might have come from the cemetery that you can see from my old house, or it could have been that they were purposely put there. Who knows?