Haunted by Shadows

Haunted by Shadows StoryA ghost story about being haunted by moving forms, shadows, seen out of the corner of Marie's eyes...

by Marie

I have recently had this strange thing going on where I see what I can only describe as black shadows out of the corner of my eyes.

I do get floaters in my eyes, and I know it's not this as they are tiny and only noticeable in bright areas such as the sky. I have to be in a day dream to notice them.

Recently I moved from my old house to this house. At the corner of my eyes I see them, about three months after moving in, I have started seeing these black shadows.

Now they are not BIG and not figures. However, whenever I notice it at the side of my eye, I look and I see them. Swiftly is the word I find appropriate to describe their movement - they move and disappear. They seem to 'vaporize.' Sometimes they can be big and, sometimes, small like they are moving along the floor; but when I go to look, it's gone.

The other day I was in my room in the morning, and it was a beautiful day. I was looking out my window, applying make-up, when I saw this white, shadow vapour swiftly move in front of me. There was no figure. I can only describe it as resembling a sheet but almost see-through. Being so quick it's hard to see. 

As I started typing this, I remember at my old house, in winter, I was sitting in the living room with my mam. I was sitting directly opposite the window when we heard this big knock. It was as if something had hit the window. 

I was already looking at the window when this occurred, and I saw what appeared to be a hand - it  was a mix of white and a subtle orange. I knew it was not a real, human hand as I live in the countryside, and nobody is around. My mam noticed my face; I must have appeared in shock because she asked me what was wrong. So I asked her if she saw it. She had looked away and missed it, but she did hear it.

Anyone think these weird things could be linked? Or if it is my eyes? Or any suggestions on what this could be? I am a believer in spiritual happenings and call myself 'spiritual"; however I am not ridiculous about things that some people make up clearly.


Sometimes we can see things from our peripheral vision that are not ghosts. Check out this article and learn more about seeing ghosts out of the corners of our eyes: Ghosts & Peripheral Vision. Some ghosts may be real and some not. It really depends on the situation and person.