Melanie's Haunting Ghost Story

Story courtesy of Melanie of Vincennes, Indiana...

They all saw the same ghost haunting them...
I met a ghost once, long long ago, when I was the age of 14, still in high school. We dwelled in an old home that was standing since the early 1940's.  I always felt a presence near me and so did my grandma, while she was around, at the time.
I was in my bedroom, one eerie night, as it was lightening outside.  I recall this night very well.  There was no moon outside, that I could see and there was a faint sound that came from the apartment upstairs.
I swore I heard crying and then a loud, ghastly sound.  There was breathing around me, and I felt a rush of air all over my torso.  And then, I noticed this image, what appeared as one (man in spirit), come to me and tell me he had hung himself.  
He was a handsome ghost, who asked me if he could lay next to me and sleep there until he felt at peace.  I had to decline and said, "No!  Please, go away..."
I wanted to shout outloud, but the words would not come out of me.  I was nearly scared to death!  Then, my grandmother walked into my bedroom and asked me if I had seen a ghost.  Apparently, she had seen the ghostly man, too.
She stayed with me that night, after I told her how frightened I was.

The next morning, my Uncle was reading his paper and said someone, or something, tore his newspaper into pieces.  He fled down the stairs to ask me if I had seen the ghost, like he did.
My Uncle nearly had a heart attack over the experience.  He was fine later on, but petrified beyond all reason or thinking at the time.
This has been a true story.