Snapchat Granny Ghost!

Snapchat photo reveals an elderly woman ghost behind her...then she turned and...

from Anonymous

Snapchat Granny Ghost StoryThis happened today.

I was hula hooping in my bedroom with nothing but some Christmas lights on in front of me, and I thought there was a weird mole or something on my neck.

I went onto snapchat to take a photo and snapped a few before I taking the last one with a strange old lady behind me. I remember inspecting my neck, then feeling like I HAD to look at what was behind me; and there she was!

It's hard to explain what she looked like; it was creepy, for sure. She (the granny ghost) had messy gray hair, a severely wrinkled face, and what seemed to be long nails. It was as if she was in a menacing position. I quickily 'x'd out of the photo, deleting it forever, and I jumped onto my bed and under the covers, away from the creepy old lady I had seen.

Is the House Haunted?

Recently, I have been afraid to go up into my room when I'm home alone. Sometimes when I go into it, I smell something foul and get random goosebumps up and down my body.

Last night, around two-thirty, maybe three, something odd happened; I hadn't had anything to induce this reaction, but I suddenly, very suddenly, experienced hot and cold flashes especially in my head. (I also had the) shivers. My entire body was shaking so much I could barely stand, and I could practically feel my heartbeat without even touching my chest - it was that rapid. I passed it off as some weird anxiety attack, but nothing had made me have one. I was simply lying in bed with the lights off, again, with nothing but the fairy lights on while listening to Fall Out Boy.