Haunting My Home Ghost Story

by Kayla J.
This was about ten years ago...
When I was around six, my parents and I lived in a new house.  It was one of the first built in the neighborhood.  When we moved in, nothing seemed too strange. We would always feel that something was watching us, but thought nothing of it. I was afraid to sleep in my own bed, so I slept in my parents' bedroom.  On the first night in the house, nothing happened. I did have nightmares that something was at the foot of the bed and that really creeped me out.
The next night something really different happened. I was lying on the bed, wide awake, because I couldn't sleep.  I rolled over on my left side facing the bathroom that connected to the bedroom. The door was open. Suddenly the wall just opened!  I don't scream when I am scared; I hold my breath.  A man in ratty, old fashioned-looking clothes stepped through. He walked to the side of the bed, stopped, smiled at me, and walked out the bedroom door that led to the living room.  I could not move for at least five minutes. Then I woke my parents and told them what I saw. Of course they did not believe me.

This continued every night. Once I tried to wake my parents while this person was still in the room, but they would not wake. Eventually they started to realize that I wasn't making this up or dreaming it. Even though the ghost scared me, he seemed really nice. He always smiled at me before he walked out of the room. He never appeared to my parents.
Seeing this ghost has made me a true believer...