Creekside Folsom Ghost Story

Ghost story by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghost Writer
Excerpted from the story, The Haunting at Creekside Folsom

...time to get involved with a private investigation at Creekside Folsom.

The team was lead by lead investigator Chris Grissom. We were all meeting at It's a Grind in Folsom, California. The team consisted of paranormal investigators: Angel Kesti, Debbie Talani, Nancy Towne, Kristen Sheley, Paul Dale Roberts. Chris gave everyone a briefing before we started on our investigation. We then all convoyed to the location.

When we got to the residence, it was an apartment that was well furnished with modern decor. A very comfortable interior. I was introduced to Lauren and Brad who reside at this apartment and Lauren's brother Travis. Travis has been doing his own ghosthunting at this apartment and recorded some remarkable EVPs. One EVP, you can hear Lauren's baby crying in the background and then you hear a very loud inhuman growling noise. Chris started setting up the equipment around the apartment complex and assigning the teams into different sections of the apartment. The investigation was ready to commence. I started my interview process and fell into my routine of having my interviewees sign release forms. I interviewed Lauren first. I can see that Lauren is a bit creeped out from all of the activity that is happening at this apartment.

I started wondering how a new apartment like this could have haunting activity? Did someone die here? Are the grounds that this apartment was built on haunted and if so, then would other apartments nearby be haunted? Is the furniture haunted? The energy around certain objects or furniture falls into the realm of psychometric. With my interview with Lauren, I discovered that she lived in a haunted home before living in this apartment. That home was her parent's home. When she lived with her parents she saw a small child, she thinks it was a little girl apparition. Her brother Travis saw a taller child with blonde hair and thought it could have been a boy. Travis also saw a shadowy human figure moving along the ceiling of his parent's home. Lauren would always get a feeling that she was being watched. Lauren and Brad have only lived in the apartment for seven months, but noticed the activity almost immediately. Once when Lauren was taking a shower, she was washing her face and had her eyes closed and felt something closing in on her. Once she heard a raspy whisper in the bathroom that said "hey". She has heard footsteps down the hallway and saw that there was no one there. I discovered that most of the furniture in this apartment comes from her parent's home. Shades of psychometric, perhaps the energy from this furniture is causing this haunting activity. What was very odd, is that Lauren received 4 text messages on her cell phone, that came in at 11:42pm, 11:47pm, 11:53pm and finally at 12:01am, that all indicate the calls came from the number 10000000. The message was her parent's phone number. When confronting her parents, she discovered that they did not send the text messages, they were asleep and her brother Travis was at work.

I also discovered with my interview with Brad, that he lived in a home that was haunted in Riverside. His stepmother saw an old woman ghost folding clothes neatly into perfect squares. His father would at times get bonked lightly on his head. Another time, a cutting board was placed on the stove and the stove burners were all turned up high. No one in the house placed the cutting board on the stove, nor did anyone turn up the stove burners. Another night at this Riverside home, one car alarm would go on for one car, then another car they owned, the car alarm went on and finally all the car alarms went on by themselves. Their dog would act strangely and bark at random areas of the house. The history of this home, is that an old lady once lived in this house and she went on a cruise. The home was burglarized while she was away. The burglars locked the dog into the bathroom and when she returned from the cruise, she found her dog dead from lack of nourishment. Rumor has it, she haunts the Riverside home, to be close to her dog that she loved and cherished.

Travis explained the EVPs he has been capturing at Lauren & Brad's apartment complex. EVPs when played back sound like tappings and words like "hey", "die", "oh god", "Olga", "hell", and heavy breathing. During the interview, the investigators were capturing some unusual orb activity on video cameras and digital cameras. Debbie Talani provoked the entity and it may have made its presence known by opening up a closet door. I will let Debbie in her own words, explain this incident. With Chris Grissom's FINDINGS and CONCLUSION, you will find out what type of activity was either captured or not captured in this apartment.

After the interviews, I got a call from Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe and Bryan Coleman, they needed me in Old Sacramento, where they were doing a preliminary investigation of Fanny Annes which is reputed to be haunted. They also were conducting interviews on the street with the Old Sacramento clientele to see if they have witnessed anything paranormal in Old Sacramento or if they had their own personal experiences.

Before I left the Creekside Folsom investigation, Angel Kesti played back some EVPs for me. They were taken at her home. The digital audio recorder was left in the bedroom where I spent the night. The bedroom I spent the night is the most haunted room in their house. What Chris and I could hear was my snoring and a man in the background whispering, like he was carrying a conversation. Then a woman's voice saying my name 'Paul' three times. We heard what sounded like a child crying at the foot of the bed where I was sleeping. There was also the sound of running water. Later there were some distinct sounds of tapping on the headboard during my snoring session. How in the heck, did I sleep through all of this is beyond me. Well, probably because I couldn't actually hear it with my own ears. Rats!

Debbie Talani's Experience
My experience at the Creekside in Folsom will be a memorable one. Lead Investigator, Chris Grissom split us in two groups of two. I was paired up with Angel Kesti and started off in the master bedroom, while the other group was assigned to the second bedroom. After almost an hour, we switched rooms. The occupants brother, Travis, joined Angel and I in the second bedroom where we all picked a spot on the floor to sit down. I chose to sit in front of the closet door, which was securely closed.

After about 10 minutes, I forcefully asked for the entity to "Do something that will really blow us away. Why don't you try opening this door that I'm leaning on, that'll really get us!" About 15 minutes went by when I began to provoke the entity by saying "Do you like to scare Lauren? Is that what the whole thing is, you like to scare her? Do you like to make her feel uncomfortable when she's in the bathroom? Well you know what I was always told, If you like to scare people, you're a coward. Do you think it's funny that Lauren is afraid of you?" Right after provoking the entity, Chris opened the door to the room and entered, crossing in front of me.

After leaning on the closet door for exactly 17 minutes, the door opened causing me to fall backward. I quickly moved from the area when cold air rushed into the bedroom. Chris immediately went into the closet to investigate, as I took pictures. Chris then checked the door by closing it just slightly, but if anyone leaned on it, it would open right away. I was leaning my whole weight on that door for a good 20 minutes. That door was securely closed. Chris then sat down and leaned against the door himself.

I began to provoke the entity again in hopes the closet door would open again with Chris leaning against it this time. I provoked it by saying, "So were you trying to scare me, is that what it is? You like to scare the girls? Not so tough when Chris is leaning against the door, are you?" Although the door did not open, there was a little swing with stuffed animals on it next to Chris. It began to swing just slightly after provoking the entity. I've been on a good number of investigations, but as I said, this one will be a memorable one. I can't wait for the next investigation.

Home in Elk Grove, Ca 
HPI was called out to do an investigation at a private residence in Folsom, Ca. Investigators present were: Chris Grissom(Lead Investigator), Kristen Sheley, Debbie Talani, Paul Dale Roberts, Angel Kesti - Investigator-in-Training, Nancy Town - Investigator-in-Training .

Location: Not disclosed per client's request

History: Occupants have lived in the apartment for 7 months. Little is know about the history of the apartment, However the appearance indicates they are no older than 5 years.

Reported Paranormal Activity: I have talked to Lauren ( Female Occupant) on a couple of occasions prior to the investigation and she seemed genuinely concerned about the voice recordings her brother Travis was getting at her home. One EVP, you can hear Lauren's baby crying in the background and then you hear a very loud inhuman growling noise. She has heard footsteps down the hallway and saw that there was no one there. Most of the furniture in this apartment comes from her parent's home (which is also haunted). Perhaps the energy from this furniture is causing this haunting activity. So I decided to go ahead and bring my team in to conduct an investigation. Brad (Male Occupant) told me that the apartment right below has not been lived in since they have lived there. Also the apartment right next to their apartment is like a revolving door for new tenants. No one stays there longer than a few weeks and then moves out.

Findings: There were numerous EVPs caught at the home. There were a couple possible intelligent orbs caught on video, However most that we thought were, found to be only dust reflections. There were no temperature changes in the initial sweep of the home. I did however find very high electrical current leaking from the guest bathroom electrical outlet. During an EVP session in the child’s room, one of my investigators was sitting with their back to the closet door. After about 20 mins of questions she asked if the entity would show some kind of proof of its existence. That’s when the closet door suddenly opened causing the investigator to fall back into the closet. I checked the door soon after and found that there was no way for the door to open accidentally with out the doorknob being turned.

Conclusion: After hearing the occupant’s claims of the activity being experienced in the apartment and the evidence that was collected during the investigation, I feel that there is paranormal activity being experienced by the occupants.

Equipment Used: Various Digital Audio Recorders, Various Digital Cameras, Infrared Thermometer, Video Recorder with Infrared, Digital Thermometer, EMF Detector