Haunted Objects Ghost Stories

The following ghost stories were submitted by our viewers...

Haunted Vase Ghost Story
by Kathleen

I wanted to tell you a story...true!

I recently went to our local Salvation Army just to look around. It was an ordinary summer day in Florida. There were a few people in the store as well. I was looking at the glass items, you know the typical flower vases from your typical florist on sale for 75¢, when I looked behind some of them and spotted a beautiful crystal 20" vase. I reached for it. It was very heavy and still had the label on the bottom of Mikasa, 100% Austrialian crystal for $5. I was thrilled; thought I found the deal of the day.

The next day the vase was in the kitchen with me, and my daughter was in her room. I thought I saw someone walk behind me. You know, the shadow catches your eye-thing? So, I turned to see...of course, nothing. My little Chihuaha started barking right where I thought I saw the shadow. Then, the cable on the TV blinked out, and the power flickered on and off. Not just the lights, but the entire power to the house. Hmmm. I thought it to be strange.

That was a Saturday. We stayed away from our house that night.

On returning Sunday, my whitening trays for my teeth, were laying in the middle of the hallway with their protective tray still in the bathroom where they all should have been. That night my daughter and heard noises like something falling off a shelf in the bathroom.

And when I woke the next day, a light was on in a room I know I didn't even go into. Needless to say, I gave the vase away and all is now quiet.

So, for those who think objects cannot be "haunted," I know first hand they can.


...more to come...