Haunted House Ghost Tale

from Sharon

My name is Sharon, and the most haunted house I've ever lived in was in Cartwright, New South Wales.

Many ghostly events occurred here during our four year stay there. I remember on one occasion I went to sit down on the lounge chair, only to feel like I sat on someone's lap. Whoever it was I sat on did not want me to leave, as it felt like I was being forced to stay there. I could not seem to get out of the chair.

On another occasion I went to the pantry in the kitchen and opened the door to get ingredients out to make a cake. The door only opened half way, then stopped abruptly. I couldn't figure out why, so I closed the door slowly and re-opened it slowly...only to find it opened all the way this time. I got on the phone to my friend who is psychic and told her my experience and she quickly solved the mystery. A deceased friend of my husband's who died only a week before was standing there when I opened the pantry door and smacked him in the face with the door. Oops...

More Confirmation of the Haunted House
Whenever we went up to visit my parents for the weekend, I would leave the key of the house with my aunt who would come in and feed our cat. She vowed and declared she would not do it again, as she had the sensation of someone following her throughout the house while she was there. She said she felt uncomfortable and threatened and would not be there on her own again.