Haunting Activity

Ashley's ghost story of haunting activity in a house...

My name is Ashley and my Nan lives in a haunted wartime house (in Cornwall). I am very attached to the house and its haunted nature. Here is my story...

In 2004-2005, my Nan moved into this big, beautiful, yellow World War I house which we didn’t know the history of. My Nan had this Rottweiler named, "Deef," whom we all loved very much. However, Deef was just too big; so Nan gave Deef to us. Unfortunately, Deef suffered with seizured fits, and one violent attack killed him.

Ever since Deef's passing, I’ve heard padding paws behind me and a collar jingling. I’ve even heard a bark when no dogs were around. Also, I’ve had something jump onto my bed at night, then jump back off of it.

I got used to that activity as it followed me to both my mom’s and to Nan’s homes. Just after moving in, my Nan’s mother passed away, and that’s when a lot more activity started.

At first, we just dismissed it to be the taps dripping in the sinks or the bathroom window being left open. However as time wore on, I was being touched, pulled, and I’ve even had my name called out once or twice. People think I’m making it up, everybody except my granddad who says I may be sensitive to ghosts, or even very possibly, some kind of psychic. I am almost a teenager, and I have heard poltergeists normally bother people who are teenagers.

I have also smelled tobacco smoke and saw shadows go across the room.

I have no idea why this is happening to me and only me.

We agree with Ashley's grandfather that perhaps she is more open to these experiences and able to perceive haunting activity.