Haunted House of Salem

Ruth G.'s Story of Ghosts in a Salem Haunted House...

I said I would tell you about the house in Salem. The home is located in Salem, Ohio, and I lived there for a short time in 1992.

Only after I moved in did I find out that an elderly lady had died in the front bedroom. So I was like, "Gee, thanks for telling me now!"

Back then, I was terrified of ghosts. One night I had a dream. There was a brick wall behind me, and I was in the basement when suddenly a woman appeared before me, dressed as a nun. Have you ever tried to climb a brick wall? It doesn't work!

She told me that I didn't have to be afraid, and that there five of them (ghosts) living in the basement. She wanted to know if it would be alright if they came up once in awhile. So I was like, "Sure, I suppose."

The next thing I know, I was standing at the top of the steps when up floated an African-American woman in a purple dress.

Her hair was long and flowing and it was almost like a medieval-type dress. Then, up floated a woman with reddish brown hair, wearing the same type of dress, only hers was a dull red. I heard the name "Irma," but I am not sure which of these two might have had that name.

After that I walked toward the front bedroom brushing my hair, which was now wet for some reason. As I approached, I looked into the front bedroom and saw a naked man laying on the bed! That's when I said, "That's it! Everybody back in the basement!" Then I woke up.

It didn't occur to me until many years later when I was retelling this dream that I never saw the fifth spirit.

I have no doubt that the elderly lady was there. After I moved out, she came to me in a dream very frightened. They were renovating the house and she didn't understand what was going on. I let her know what was happening and that everything would be okay. I never heard from her after that. It wasn't until after I heard from her that I actually wrote the dream down.