Haunting Apparition Ghost Story

from Val

Strange Apparition In My House
I've always tried to be level-headed and logical when it comes to the unknown. I try not to get carried away, and I try not to believe in things that do not make any sense. I like to first debunk the unknown, and if I can't find any logical explanation for the incident, then I just simply say "I do not have a logical explanation for this," or something along those lines.

Well when I was younger I lived in the upstairs room in my house. I was only living alone in that room temporarily, because my sister Sarah was away for about six months. I had a cat that would come in and out of the room sometimes, because he liked to roam the house. Always, I felt a tad uncomfortable in this room upstairs. But, I tried not to let my "feelings about the room" get in the way of me living there. I was more convinced that it was my active imagination... ...or something. Well, I noticed some things about the room almost immediately. For one, the closet was always cold. No matter how hot or warm the room was, the closet would always be cold.

I remember putting away my clothes and other stuff in the closet and I felt so cold just standing near it. My only explanation for this was that, for the most part, it always closed.

Secondly, whenever my cat would be in the room he would always jump on the window sill and stare up at the ceiling like there was something moving up there.

I would just stare at him doing this sometimes and wonder what he would be looking at.

One night, I was barely falling asleep. I remember I had the television on, but it was muted because I sometimes like to sleep with the light from the T.V. on, but cannot fall asleep with the noise. The cat wasn't in the room with me, and I was falling asleep. Then, all of a sudden, I heard someone whispering in my left ear. This whisper was so fast that I couldn't make out what it was saying. I'm a light sleeper, so I pretty much wake up to any noise or sound. Of course, me being someone who likes to take the rational route, I blamed it on my mind playing tricks on me. So, the next morning when I woke up, I told my parents; but my mom was the only person that believed me.

Six months later, Sarah came home and she wanted to live with me. I welcomed her. It wasn't long before we both had experienced some things. One night, Sarah and I were both relaxing in our room. She was reading a magazine, and I was watching a popular T.V. show. All of a sudden the television just turned off by itself. I froze; and she froze, too, because we had noticed that the remote to the television was about three feet in front of me.

Sarah got up first and screamed, running outside of the room. I followed her too, because I was concerned for her. We both didn't run far. We were immediately outside of our room talking about the incident, when we heard the T.V. turn on by itself. She was too scared to go back in the room, so I just decided to explain to her that maybe it was a strange power surge that caused the T.V. to turn off, and then back on again.

Eventually, my sister finally decided to go back into the room with me with nothing else occurring that night. About two years later, I moved out of the room and moved downstairs. I wanted a bigger room, and my new room is located directly under the old room (which is on the second floor of the house). My other younger sister, Lia, decided to move in with Sarah, and they both shared the room for several months. One night when I was entering sleep in my new room, I was awoken to Sarah yelling, "Oh my gosh! Come upstairs! There's a little girl standing in front of the T.V.! Come now!" As I was still sleepy, I thought she had wanted me to go upstairs to watch a T.V. show about a little girl. So, I said, "What? I'm too tired right now. Show me later." It took her about five minutes to just get me up there.

On the way, she explained to me again what had happened. That's when it started to sink in. As I approached her room, I noticed that the area near her television was very cold and that Lia was just laying on her bed frozen. Apparently, as Sarah was running downstairs to get me, Lia was so scared and too frozen to get up to run out of the room. They both explained in detail what had happened. They were listening to music and had their headphones on, but both of them were watching T.V. when Lia decided to shut it off, so they could fall asleep to their music. That's when they both saw a little girl standing in front of their T.V. They couldn't see her feet or her face, but they saw her dress and said they could see the detail of it. They even noticed the lace and frills of her white dress. The little girl was just standing there and not moving whatsoever. That's when Sarah jumped up and ran out of the room, but Lia claimed she got a better look at the apparition, because she was too frozen to get up and run. She saw the folds of her dress and noticed that the girl was wearing some sort of pajama dress that children back in the 1800's had worn when they were getting ready for bed.

Lia was so shocked by the detail, that she was convinced it was a ghost. I, on the other hand, after listening to their detailed account, decided to investigate the area. I tried to recreate the image using lights coming from the outside, because I noticed that their window blinds were slightly opened. 
I thought maybe it was a reflection from a passing car, but I couldn't recreate the image even when a car passed by our house. According to Lia, she noticed the apparition had emanated from the wall that is behind the T.V. She said she noticed a bright glow coming from the wall just before the apparition had appeared and even pointed out the exact spot it originated from on the wall. I still wasn't completely convinced.

I decided to turn the television on, then off to see if the light or glare could recreate the image of a girl or an apparition of some sort, but I could not recreate this image. By that time, my mother had woken up from all the noise we had made, and we told her the story. She was completely convinced it was something ghostly. So, I decided to calm them all by getting a rosary that was in my room. I brought it to their room and said a prayer. Even when I was saying the prayer, I noticed that the area near the T.V. was colder. I don't know what the reason for this was, but after that incident, we all couldn't sleep until we saw the morning light. We were simply too busy talking about it to be tired.

The next day, I woke up with a small scratch on my face that wasn't there before. I don't know exactly what caused this; maybe it was me or something else, but according to my family, maybe the ghost was not pleased with my prayer or rosary I brought into the room. Whatever the reason, I am now aware of the unknown and remain curious of what exists in our world, that we cannot explain using everyday logic and rationality.