Heather's Haunting Ghost Story

Heather shares her ghost story of a haunting in Texas...

My name is Heather, and I live in Texas.

My experience with the supernatural wasn't very pleasant, as me and my family were scared horribly, though nothing ever was thrown us.

When I was six years old my parents, sister and I moved to Bowie, Texas on the day the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002. We hadn't lived in the country before, and Bowie was super-country, where your closest neighbor lived a mile away.

The first one to see a ghost was my sister, two days after we had been fully moved in. All I heard was her scream, and saw her run out of her room, which was across from mine. She said that she saw a hangman's noose hanging outside of her window, while she was trying to fall asleep. I never even thought about ghosts, but my sister was about twelve, and she never lied.

My sister wasn't immature enough to make up stories, so the next day I went looking around on our land. I found a little burned down cottage, from what might have been from around the time of the Civil War. I think it was most likely used for storage of medicine or whiskey - maybe both. I don't know for sure, but either way, I am almost able to bet my life that someone had died in there.

I was the one that saw the next ghost, but every time my sister and I would be at our friend's house, my parents heard children's voices saying, "Mommy? Daddy?Are you there? Come play with us." Like I said earlier, these ghosts never harmed us, so I think they were just restless.

When I saw the ghost, I had been going inside to get my mom a drink. The rest of them were outside with the horses. Once I opened the door to enter the home, I saw a pure white figure in the shape of a full-grown man, around 5'10 to 6 feet tall, walking through the entrance of my sister's room. I was about to scream, but instead I ran out of the house, as soon as the figure was too far in the room for me to see it any longer.

As I reached my family, I started saying, "I saw one. It was a pure-white man, and he went in my sister's room." I was still in shock, so I wasn't crying. Once the shock wore off, I had the strange feeling of curiosity and a thrill of fear. A couple of days later, we had decided that we needed to move. That night, I heard a voice calling my name and it was really creepy. I was too scared to do anything, and my voice seemed not to work above a whisper. I managed to let out a "mom and dad," and it was luckily enough that my sister, who had been passing by, told me that she'd get them for me. While she was gone, for what seemed hours, the voice kept coming from the bottom of my bed. I had grabbed my Pomeranian puppy, and took shelter under the covers, but the puppy kept going down to where the voice came from. All it said was, "Heather...Heather..." over, and over. When my parents came in and turned on the light, the voice stopped.

We moved the next day. Ever since I've had that experience, I have read both true and fiction books about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures. I research all of them, too, because now knowing ghosts are real, I want to see what else is.