Possible Angel Story

from Kristen

This happened a couple of nights ago, I put my 11 month old son to bed about 6 pm in his upstairs bedroom. When I came back upstairs around 10 pm to get ready for bed, I heard something coming from the baby monitor in my room.

I went closer and listened, and heard a girl's voice. She was saying "Hail Mary's," you know the Catholic prayer. I went into my son's room to see if the radio was on or something, and it was silent in his room -- not one sound, but him breathing.

When I went back into my room, the voice was not there anymore!!! If you don't believe in angels, this could be some kind of interference with the baby monitor from a TV station or radio; but if you do believe (and I do) then my son could have an angel watching and praying over him!

Baby monitors are intriguing devices. We often hear reports of people coming through the devices and know that sometimes they can pick up people on cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless transmitters. However, some report hearing people's voices speaking directly with their babies, even using the child's name!