Malibu Angel Story

Barbara's Angel Sighting Near Los Angeles...1977

I was driving to work for the night shift at a hospital in Los Angeles. I was driving west to Malibu on Route 1 from my home in Topanga. It was about 10 pm. There was a drought the whole time I lived in Topanga, a little over a year. The night of my angel sighting, it had rained; it was the only time it rained during the drought.

As I was driving down the canyon road, there were cliffs on the right side of the road. I saw an angel, about ten feet tall, standing on a little ledge on the cliff wall. It was pressed against the rocks where it was standing. It had on what looked like leather armor. The head covering was like an old-fashioned aviator's leather hat/helmet. The angel was overlooking the canyon, not particularly looking at me.

During the time I lived in Topanga, there were several fatal car accidents where cars went off the road and crashed down the canyon. I saw the angel for a few seconds while I drove past it. I didn't stop. I didn't try and look back.

My thought was that the angel was there because of the people who had died in the canyon accidents. Later, I thought it may have been there to prevent accidents on that dangerous road after the rain. I know what I saw was real, no doubt about it. I wasn't into angels before or since my sighting, but I did see it. It wasn't frightening but certainly memorable.